Why I Stopped Waiting For Inspiration To Strike

There’s something romantic about being a creative. Whether it’s an artist, a musician, or a writer. Everything about the creative process, to those on the outside, seems amazing.

You get to create a masterpiece others can enjoy. You’re sharing a talent you have with the world. You’re able to express yourself. Oh, and you’re always inspired!

Oh, what a crock! I’ve got to tell you that rarely does an inspiring moment hit right when I desire it to.

Knowing this, I had to stop waiting for inspiration to strike.

There’s been stories written about inspiration and how inspiration strikes at just the right moment. I’m not sure I’ve found that to be the case.

Inspiration rarely strikes me when I want it to. I can’t call upon inspiration to bless me with the insights I want to have.

Rather, I’ve learned I just need to write.

The Inspiration Isn’t Here

My wife often asks me before I sit down to write what I’m planning to write for the night. My answer is often: “I don’t know…”

Queue the quizzical look from my wife. And then the dreaded question: “Well, why not?”

I think it’s because the inspiration to weave a tale isn’t here.

Inspiration doesn’t strike when I’m out and about. Inspiration doesn’t come an hour before I sit down t write. Inspiration doesn’t strike as I’m about to write.

The Inspiration Is Here

Inspiration is weird to me. It’s elusive. Inspiration is rarely right in front of me.

That is until inspiration is here.

When is here? Where is here? That all depends on you.

For me, inspiration is here when:

I sit in front of my computer screen

I hit play on my audio mix

I open up my web browser and go to my WordPress site

I begin to type

Rarely does inspiration strike before this time. Inspiration strikes when I take action.

Not before.

Only when I’m ready to do the work. Only when I’ve set my mind on the task in front of me. Only then does inspiration strike.

And then I’m off to the races.

I let the words flow freely. I allow for mistakes. I allow to be led where the inspiration wants to lead.

By the end of a writing session, I discover I’ve written 400, 500, or even more words.

It’s amazing how showing up can make inspiration show up. It’s almost like inspiration is waiting on you.

So stop waiting on inspiration. Inspiration’s not going to strike like in the movie.

Inspiration’s going to show up when you show up.

Question: Have you stopped waiting for inspiration to strike? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts on inspiration in the comment section below.

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