Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

The ordinary often becomes the mundane. Work, family life, friendships. You do the same thing over and over again, and it’s no longer special.

You can only tell someone you love them so many times before they get tired of hearing it. You can only hang out and do the same thing so many times before you get bored. And you can only lead in the same manner before you lose your team.

Out of the ordinary gets results

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When your actions become ordinary, they become predictable and boring. They no longer carry the weight and show you care.

You can change this. You can make the ordinary special. All you gotta do is something out of the ordinary.

Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

We get trapped in routines. We do the same exercises or treat people the same way or react in the same manner. Yet you’ve got to snap the grip of ordinary on your life. You can’t keep doing the same things and expect the same results. Even if they’ve produced great results in the past.

Have you ever noticed that when your spouse tells you they love you, the words may mean less the more you hear them? Maybe it’s because you hear the words but see no actions on the love. Or maybe the words I love you become ordinary.

Then there’s the way you lead your team. You tell your team you appreciate them. You care and want to see them succeed.

And yet all your team hears are the words. Words that carry very little weight. They no longer inspire or encourage. Your words have become ordinary.

This is the time to do something out of the ordinary. Whether the ordinary is in your personal relationships or in your business relationships, doing something out of the ordinary can help reignite what’s been lost.

Instead of telling your beautiful wife you love her tonight, go home and invite her out to a romantic dinner. To the little Italian place she’s always talking about but you’ve been too busy to take her to. Or buy them a mystery box from Saddleback Leather (my wife would love this). Imagine what that’ll do to your marriage? It’s going to show her you’ve paid attention to what she’s been asking and that you love her.

Instead of telling your team you appreciate them with your words, could you show them through your actions? You could let your team know you appreciate them by purchasing lunch for your team. You could offer a free vacation day.

These may not be ordinary actions you take every day. And that’s the point.

YOU have to break from the ordinary. YOU have to go above and beyond the ordinary. YOU have to do something out of the ordinary.

By doing this, you snap yourself out of the rut you’ve unintentionally dug with your words. More importantly, you help snap your loved ones or those you’re leading out of the rut you’ve dug.

Your out of the ordinary actions scream that you care, that you see what they’re doing and what they want.

Question: Have you done something out of the ordinary that improved your relationships at work or at home? Let us know in the comment section below.

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