Develop The Talents Of Your Team

So, you’ve assembled an amazing team of go-getters. They’ve been rocking sales and bringing in new leads.

Then you hit a road block.

The awesome team you’ve assembled has stopped growing. And, in doing so, they’re no longer the rock stars you know they are.

The development of your team is important

It’s in this moment you realize you’ve failed to do something crucial to the success of any team. You’ve failed to develop the talent of your team.

Instead, they’ve been left stagnant. You haven’t put forth any effort to encourage them to grow.

Let’s do something about this leadership mistake today.

Develop The Talents Of Your Team

Yes, your team has to be interested in developing themselves. You can’t force them to continue to grow themselves and develop their talents. What you can do is encourage the growth.

Doing so will kick start their growth mindset and get them back on track.

So, what can you do?

  • Reward development:

    When you see a team member pursuing a new degree, a new skill, or growing a talent, recognize their effort. Congratulate them and let them know you notice.

    People respond to rewards, whether those rewards are extrinsic and intrinsic. Make your team feel good about the development of their talents and they will develop them.

  • Use the developing talent:

    Your team will become frustrated when their new talents aren’t used. They’ll feel their value is being wasted in an organization that doesn’t encourage the use of the talents they’re developing.

    Look for ways to begin using your team in new areas. See what talents they’ve developed and place them in positions where they will be used.

  • Offer help to develop:

    One hurdle for your team members may be financial. They might not have the means to further develop their talents.

    This can hold back those who truly want to improve. Financial difficulties can stop people from growing.

    Remove this hurdle from those that are struggling. And help your team develop.

Developing the talent of your team is your responsibility. You’re leading them on a journey. Lead them to the skills and talents they’ll need to thrive.

Question: What do you do to develop the talents of your team? Share this in the comment section below.

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