10 Leaders You Need To Follow Today

Great leaders are also great followers. They seek mentors who will spur them along in their leadership.

These follower leaders also know they need to continue to learn and grow. That’s why the follow other leaders.

Today, I want to take a look at 10 leaders every leader needs to follow.

10 Leaders You Need To Follow Today

  1. Phil Cooke

    I’ve been reading Phil’s blog for as long as I can remember. His articles spur the reader to embrace change.

  2. Jenni Catron

    Jenni is an amazing speaker and author. She’s also a former podcast guest on Answers From Leadership.

    If you need help putting feet to vision, Jenni is the leadership coach for you.

  3. Skip Prichard

    Much like Phil, I’ve been following Skip for quite some time. His insights into the world of leadership constantly challenge me to improve and grow.

  4. Paul Alexander

    Paul has a heart for churches and how they can help clearly define their vision. Are you a church leader? Then go to Paul’s blog and get clear on your church’s vision.

  5. Jon Gordon

    Not only is Jon a leadership blogger, he’s also an author. One of my favorite things about Jon is the wisdom he can pack into his short books.

  6. Bob Tiede

    Bob is the man behind Leading With Questions. He’s a staff member of Cru for the past 44 years and serves on the U.S. Leadership Development Team.

  7. Kevin Kruse

    Kevin has a great blog where he shares on wholehearted leadership. He knows leading isn’t about task management but people leading.

  8. Lolly Daskal

    Lolly’s teaching on leadership goes deep and is grounded in behavioral and psychological principles. If you want to learn the why behind leadership, check her out.

  9. Carey Nieuwhof

    Carey is the founding and teaching pastor of Connexus Church in Canada.  On his blog, he shares leadership principles that will help church and business leaders alike.

  10. David Burkus

    David is an author, professor, and podcaster. He has innovative thoughts on leadership that will shift how you think.

If this list isn’t enough, here’s 6 more leaders you should follow.

Question: What leaders should be added to this list? Share your idea in the comment section below.

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