Catalyst Atlanta 2017 Recap

The Best Recap Of Catalyst Atlanta 2017

October 5th and 6th, 2017 I had the pleasure of live-blogging from the Catalyst Conference. I was able to share with you in almost real-time what happened at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, I want to recap what happened, share the highlights of the Catalyst Conference, and bring attention to some of the other live-bloggers from the conference.

Recap of the events at Catalyst Atlanta 2017

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What Happened At Catalyst Atlanta 2017?

In my opinion, the team at Catalyst brought the house down this year. 2017 had to have been the best speaker lineup and presentation for quite some time.

While previous years have been great, this year really sparked something in me. I feel more courageous. I feel ready to tackle issues I’ve been putting on the backburner and to actually take action.

Others seem to feel the same way after hearing from speakers like Andy Stanley, Jeremy Courtney, Tim Tebow, and more.

Live Blog Articles From Catalyst Conference

As you may know, I live-blogged the Catalyst Conference Thursday and Friday. You will find links to these articles below:

Andy Stanley shared on why A single act of courage is often the catalyst for extraordinary

Jeremy Courtney let us know what preemptive love was

Bob Goff asked the question Do I want to be right or do I want to be Jesus?

Leadership lessons from Bob Goff

Image Courtesy of Catalyst

Christy Wright shared 3 truths to walk through fear

Tim Tebow gave a message on How do you stay courageous for Jesus when life gets tough

Katie Davis asked What is courage?

Christine Caine brought the house down by asking How do you continue to be courageous?

Leadership lessons from Christine Caine

Image Courtesy of Catalyst

Andy Stanley returned to the stage and shared That’s a great question

Carlos Whittaker let us know you need to Kill Your Spiders

Leadership lessons from Carlos Whittaker

Image Courtesy of Catalyst

There were 4 other sessions which I did not get a chance to share with you. That’s why I’m glad my friends Paul Sohn and Brian Dodd were there. They were also live-blogging Catalyst and were able to attend some of the sessions I did not.

Brian Dodd’s Live Blogging From Catalyst Conference

40 Leadership Quotes From Craig Groeschel Pre-Catalyst Session On Courageous Idiots

38 Leadership Quotes From Andy Stanley’s Interview With Bill Hybels

Leadership lessons from Andy Stanley and Bill Hybels

Image Courtesy of Catalyst

37 Leadership Quotes From Andy Stanley Catalyst Opening Session

55 Leadership Quotes From Christine Cain

42 Leadership Quotes From Andy Stanley On What A Great Leader Would Do

21 Leadership Quotes From Jeremy Courtney

Leadership lessons from Jeremy Courtney

Image Courtesy of Catalyst

16 Leadership Quotes From Christy Wright

31 Leadership Quotes From Bob Goff

20 Leadership Quotes From Tim Tebow

15 Leadership Quotes From Katie Davis Majors

23 Leadership Quotes From Daniel Pink

Leadership lessons from Daniel Pink

Image Courtesy of Catalyst

27 Leadership Quotes From Carlos Whitaker And Brene Brown

Paul Sohn’s Live Blogging From Catalyst Conference

Andy Stanley – First session

Bob Goff

Christy Wright

Tim Tebow

Christine Caine

Andy Stanley – Second Andy Stanley session

Brene Brown

Leadership lessons from Brene Brown

Image Courtesy of Catalyst

What Else Happened At Catalyst Atlanta 2017?

There’s a few things from Catalyst that didn’t get shared in a live-blog. Let’s take a look at the other fun and amazing events that took place during Catalyst Atlanta.

The annual Influencer Meet-Up At Catalyst (Hosted by Paul Sohn and me)

“Worst Drink Combination” wheel spin (you had to spin 2 wheels and drink whatever mixed concoction you landed on. I landed on Pickle Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar).

Extreme blow-up obstacle course

And more


What was your favorite moment from Catalyst Atlanta 2017? If you attended the conference, let me know what your favorite moment was that you experienced. If you didn’t attend the conference, what was your favorite moment from Catalyst Atlanta that Brian, Paul, or myself shared? Let me know in the comment section below.

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