How Do You Stay Courageous For Jesus When Life Gets Tough?

Catalyst Atlanta 2017 Tim Tebow

Today, I’m live-blogging the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. The next speaker I’ll be live-blogging about is Tim Tebow.

The next speaker at Catalyst Atlanta 2017 is Tim Tebow. Tim is a two-time national champion, first-round NFL draft pick, and Heisman trophy winner. He recently signed with the New York Mets and is attempting to join an elite class of athletes that have succeeded in two professional sports He also serves as a college football analyst for the SEC Network.

Tim Tebow Catalyst Atlanta 2017 Of Good Courage

It matters what team you’re on. And at Catalyst, this is an amazing team.

You’re given a lot of great information. Then you go home. You’re not going to have Andy Stanley or Christy Wright there to push you on.

It’s easy to be on fire and focused when you’re with the team. The worship team comes on. But what happens when you’re no longer near the team?

How do you stay courageous?

1.  Know Your Title:

Tim Tebow got to hang out with some amazing generals during the recent natural disasters. When these generals walk in, you get a sense of awe and wonder.

You might even get the feeling of wishing you had a bigger or better title. But you have the greatest title ever: A child of the King.

This is your title. You need to know your title as a child of the King.

People don’t follow titles. They follow courage.

2. Take a look back and remember:

Take a look back and remember all the things God has done for you. Remember all of the times you have felt hopeless or in despair. Then remember how God led you through all of those hopeless and despairing times.

Look back and remember. God is going to come through for you just like He did for you before. Don’t forget what He has done.

3. Know your God is bigger than the giant:

Tim has faced so many different giants in his life. There will be many giants you face in your lifetime.

Fear. Doubt. Will you find the right spouse?

So many giants creep into our lives. How do we deal with those giants?

We remember that our God is bigger than any of the giants in front of you.

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