5 Tips For Leading Through Change And Uncertainty

Every leader knows that there will be change and uncertainty in their organization. It could be an organizational restructuring, moving, or a global pandemic. You never know what you’re going to face when you lead.

Yet, you can lead through the most challenging situations and change. 

You won’t know everything you will have to do or the decisions you’ll have to make. Sometimes, you’ll make the wrong decision or something won’t go right.

That’s okay. You can still lead.

And here’s how you can lead through change and uncertainty with confidence.

5 Tips For Leading Through Change And Uncertainty

Leading through change and uncertainty isn’t easy. It will test you because you won’t know the following five steps. You may only know the next one or two. You will have to step out in faith. Here’s how you do that.

1. Take the first step:

Uncertainty and change are a sure thing in any organization. What comes next isn’t always so clear. Yet, the next step is often there for you to take.

Examine the situation in front of you. See what you can do next. Then do it.

When you take the first step, the next step often lights up. You see where you can go. 

Use each step you take to get you to the next spot you can understand. 

2. Give clear updates:

When change happens in an organization, it’s easy to want to hide the facts of the change. Maybe you rosy up the negative situation by giving words of hope. Those words of hope cloud the truth behind what is really going on.

Make sure you tell the truth when you communicate with your team or coworkers. Let them know the situation and how dire it may or may not be. 

Keeping people in the dark will hurt you in the long run. The truth, even ugly, will build trust with your team in the future.

3. Be flexible:

Change and uncertainty bring about constant adjustments. You have to be open to being flexible as you face these situations.

Learn how to flow with what’s happening. Go and change course, if that appears to be the best route forward.

There’s nothing wrong with being flexible. In fact, flexibility will get you through the most challenging and uncertain times.

4. Consult others:

There are so many wise leaders and mentors out there. They have been through similar situations or have someone they know who has been through it.

Go to these people. Ask them your questions. Pick their minds. 

You’ll gain wisdom and insight the more you talk to others. Don’t be shy. Reach out to someone who can take your hand and guide you to where you need to go.

5. Never stop learning:

Leadership is a learning journey. You face the unknown, you conquer the unknown, you move on to the next unknown. 

Through it all, you’re learning. You figure out ways to shift your business, change your mindset, and grow your team. It’s all about learning.

Use these moments to continue to grow yourself and those you lead. You will learn so much through these challenging times. 

It may seem like a fruitless journey but when you look back, you’ll see everything that you’ve accomplished. It’s worth it.

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