5 Reasons Why Simple Leadership Rocks

I think we’ve been sold a lie. That leadership has to be difficult and complicated. But a recent blog post about unconventional ways to lead brought out that many leaders have learned the truth.

Simple leadership rocks and more leaders need to hop onto the train.

While I’m a fan of simple leadership, it got me thinking about the reason why. I believe it deserves a deeper look.

After thinking through the reasons why our leadership needs to be simple, I came up with 5 reasons to lead with simplicity.

1. Simple leadership allows for clear communication: When leaders are leading with simplicity, they’re much more apt to speak and communicate with a simpler message. This allows the leader to give directions in ways their team members will understand. It also helps prevent misunderstandings.

2. Simple leadership allows breathing room: Since you’re leading simply, you’re able to have more margin in your work life. Your communication is more effective. You don’t have to spend the time going over the message again and again. You’re able to demonstrate what needs to be done without the need for multiple training sessions.

All of this opens up your availability and gives you time to rest. Rest is vital for a leader as it gives you time to think clearly and recharge for the daily stress.

3. Simple leadership allows for consistency: When the directions and processes are simple, you’re better able to predict the consistency you want as a leader. As Michael Nichols mentioned in the comments of the Unconventional Leadership post: Simple communication, simple processes, simple outcomes.

4. Simple leadership creates faithful followers: People really like simple solutions. They’re looking for what needs to be done and how to do it. When you’re leading simply, people are drawn to it. They see you’re able to communicate clearly (point #1) and you get the job done consistently (point #3). They want to be a part of leadership like this. Give them simple!

5. Simple leadership shows you value your team’s time: Your team’s time is valuable. They have so many projects and tasks on their plates, many times they’re overwhelmed. You show you value your team by leading and communicating simply.

Simple leadership doesn’t mean you’re not in it. It shows that you care about your team.

You’re showing your team that you want to have clear communication, a healthy breathing room, consistency, create faithful followers, and that you value their time.

This is the heart of leadership. Caring about your team and valuing what they do. When you lead simply, you’re telling your team you recognize this.

Start leading simply today!

Question: What can you do today to become a simple leader? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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