5 Qualities Of A Great Leader

There are many qualities or traits a leader may strive for. There are specific qualities that leaders must strive for.

These qualities are the building blocks of great leaders. Like the Bible says, the wise man builds his house on a solid foundation, and the foolish man builds his house on shifting sands.

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Make sure you’re building your leadership (and yourself) on solid ground. These five qualities will help you become the great leader you desire to be.

5 Qualities Of A Great Leader

1. Teachable:

Great leaders are constant learners. They never stop growing. They are always teachable.

Want to become a great leader? Be teachable.

Pick up a great book (you might like my book, Reel Leadership). Watch a great movie. Listen to those around you.

Find ways to learn and grow.

2. Knowledgeable:

As you learn and grow, you gain knowledge. Great leaders are knowledgeable. They’ve put in the time to develop their wisdom, they’ve applied what they’ve learned, and now they’re knowledgeable.

Keep working on yourself. KNOW your craft. KNOW your business.

When you do, people will see you as a great leader.

3. Adaptable:

Times and situations change. We saw this the last few years as businesses and organizations had to adapt to a COVID world.

The businesses that adapted were able to thrive during the pandemic. The ones that didn’t continue to struggle today.

Leaders have to be flexible and adaptable. When times change, they change their methods.

Adapt as you need to. Being able to adapt will lead to greater leadership.

4. Thankful:

Want to be a great leader? Be thankful.

Spiteful, angry, and entitled leaders are rarely viewed favorably by their team members. Instead, the leader who recognizes and appreciates the hard work the whole team puts in is the one who is regarded fondly.

Make sure you’re willing to thank those you lead. While you’re handing out a paycheck, being thankful to the people you lead goes a long way.

Thank someone in your organization today. They need your kind words. You need your kind words.

5 . Honest:

The last great leadership quality we’re going to hit on today is that of being honest. Being honest can be challenging. You have to be willing to break through false barriers, admit when you’re struggling, and tell the truth even when the truth hurts.

If you’ve ever worked for a dishonest leader, you know the importance of honesty in a leader.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about remembering what you said when you’re honest. You aren’t making up stories or telling white lies. You stated the truth (in a polite, tactful way), and the truth is easier to remember than a lie.

Be an honest leader. Give your people the truth.

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