The One Thing Great Leaders Know They Must Do

Great leaders know they must do lots of things. Great leaders need to be aware of their team’s emotions. Great leaders need to be consuming and creating fresh content. Great leaders need to take people to new heights.

But great leaders also know there’s one thing that is required to lead well. What is that one thing? Keep reading to find out.

Great Leaders Do This

We already know that great leaders do many things. All of them are part of great leadership but there’s one thing that help mediocre leaders move to the level of greatness.

This action is something most of us have done all of our lives. Yet we hate it. We struggle with taking this action.

Sometimes we feel uncomfortable because doing this makes us feel like less of a leader. Other times we don’t think we can do this because we haven’t been able to find the right one.

So, what is it that great leaders do?

Great leaders know they must be followers if they’re going to lead well.

That’s right. You read that last line correctly.

Great leaders are great followers.

They find leaders who are one, two, three, or more steps ahead of them. Then they study and learn from the masters.

Why Great Leaders Must Be Great Followers

Something magical happens when we begin to follow great leaders who are ahead of us. Their wisdom and knowledge begins to be passed down to us. We’re able to learn from those who are better than us (and yes, there are tons of people who are better than you).

Not only will you gain knowledge and insight from following these leaders, you’ll also remember what it’s like to be a follower. This will remind you to treat those you’re leading well. You’re in the same position and another leader could treat you poorly. And I know you don’t want that to happen.

Who I’m Following

I’ve made a habit of studying great leaders and what they’ve done right. I’ve become a follower of these men and women. To honor these people, I wanted to give a shout out so they know I appreciate their hard work and leadership.

Michael Hyatt – Michael’s the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing. He’s also a prolific blogger who shares his leadership insights through his blog.

Dan Miller – I’m so thankful for the leadership Dan has provided over the years. Dan’s gave me the courage to strike out on my own and to be willing go back to a traditional job as well. He also took time out of his day so I could interview him. Check out the Dan Miller interview.

Rick South – This man had been my youth pastor for many years. After I graduated from youth group, he became a great friend and leader as I served under him.

Chris Kelsch – Chris is the man who took over the role of youth pastor at our church. He’s also the one I serve under as we continue to minister to the youth of our church.

Dave Ramsey – You probably know this guy. He’s a financial guru who has helped get many people out of debt. I’m grateful for the wisdom he shares and how he helps people get free from debt.

Darren Hardy – Darren is the publisher of Success Magazine. This magazine has helped me grow tremendously and it’s because he stepped up to the plate to keep the magazine going.

Question: Who are you following and why? Take a minute to honor these leaders by sharing who they are and what they’ve done in your life. 

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