4 Things To Give The People You Lead

I’m a firm believer that leaders are not there to demand things, push people around, and expect to be served. Instead, leaders are there to serve others.

In that, leaders need to give the people they lead certain things. These things aren’t hard to do. They’re relatively simple.

Many of us aren’t doing or giving our people the things they need, even when it’s easy enough to do.

So, what are these four things you need to give to those you lead?

4 Things To Give The People You Lead


The first thing you need to give your people is encouragement. Yes, you read that right.

People need to be encouraged. They have this innate desire within them to hear encouraging, positive words spoken toward them, especially when they’re struggling.

Offer up kind, encouraging words whenever you have the chance. And you have the opportunity regularly!


Your team members also need recognition. A paycheck isn’t enough.

You’ll be tempted to think that the paycheck you provide is recognition enough. It is not.

You need to recognize accomplishments verbally, in written communication, and in other ways.

Make sure your people know you appreciate the work they’re doing. Don’t let a good employee leave because you weren’t willing to recognize the hard work and dedication he’s put in.


Giving security can be a tricky thing to give your people only because the business world can be so volatile. Markets shift, customers leave, and sometimes you wonder whether you’ll have the cash flow to keep people on.

Even in these difficult circumstances, provide your people with security.

Security might look different in the more challenging times. You might provide security by helping your people brush up on their resume or interview skills. You might give them the heads up that things aren’t looking good (you want a two-week notice before they quit? Help them find security by giving them advance warning).

Or security might be through positive reinforcements and kind comments. You might recognize their hard work during a one-on-one session.

Security means a lot. Help your people feel secure.


When the tough times come, those who have hope will stick around. You can give your people hope.

It’s definitely the hardest of the things leaders have to give their people. Yet, you’re significantly rewarded when you are a hope giver.

Share the positive situations that are happening in your organization. Let your people know when new customers are onboarding. Find ways to share exciting personal news about your employees (the birth of a child, weddings, a birthday). Anything can be celebrated and give hope to those you lead.

4 Things Make A Difference

You may not think these four things will make a huge difference. They do.

Every time you encourage, recognize, give security, and give hope, your people will feel a sense of pride and well-being with you and your organization.

Don’t stop working to make these things a regular habit in your leadership. The more you do, the more you’ll find yourself doing these naturally.

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