I Almost Quit Before I Began

Weeks before, I’d been asked to join a pastor and his friend on a day hike. The journey around the Manistee River sounded like a great hike. Not only that, I’d get to spend time with some awesome guys.

As the day got closer, I began to rethink my position on the trip.

Backpacking the Manistee River trail in Michigan

“Would I be able to hike the whole 20-mile loop?” and “I’m not sure I can do this. What if I’m not cut out for a marathon hiking trip?”

My mind kept telling me I wasn’t going to be able to complete the trek.

The hike was too long. I was too unprepared. We didn’t have enough time.

These thoughts came from fear.

Fear was whispering in my ear. And I was listening.

I began to buy into the lies that I wouldn’t be able to complete the trip. It got to the point where I almost called the pastor and let him know I was going to back out.

But then I didn’t. I began to battle with the fear.

I recalled my past hiking victories. I remembered I’d completed a 25K run. I told myself that I could persevere.

And, you know what? I did.

Pastor Ben, Larry, and I were able to complete the Manistee River Trail and part of the North Country Trail in a single day. All 20.37 miles.

I think back on the fear I felt before the hike. I think of how I was ready to quit before I began.

Now, I get to remember an awesome day of hiking. I had the experience of pushing myself beyond what I thought my body could handle. I was able to claim victory.

What Does This Have To Do With Leadership?!?

We all have fear. We all doubt our own abilities. We all want to quit before doing something difficult.

Sadly, far too many people actually give in and quit. They throw in the towel and admit defeat.

The tasks before you may seem daunting. Maybe as daunting as a 15.5-mile run or a 20.37-mile hike.

Okay, that’s probably not for you but your task may be:

Growing your profits by 20%

Increasing church growth year over year

Taking on more staff members

When you’re in leadership, you’re expected to perform. This means accomplishing tasks that may seem insurmountable.

But you’re a leader. There’s a special spark within you.

Others have seen it. You might not have, but it’s there.

The fear I had before, and during, the day hike was real. The fear you have before tackling these organizational objectives are real.

The thing I learned from my grueling hike was that I had the fortitude within me to accomplish the task.

What I want you to realize is that you’re able to complete the mission set before you. You’ve got the skills and wisdom to push through and come out victorious.

You might not feel like you do, but you do.

Don’t quit before you’ve started. Get started and finish what you need to.

Question: Have you found yourself wanting to quit something before you even began? What happened? How’d you feel afterwards? Let’s talk about our experiences in the comment section below.

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