Let People Know You Love Them

Love is such a strange word. It conjures up emotions within us. Sometimes, there are mixed emotions that come from hearing the word love.

We may feel the pain of losing a loved one. We may feel ecstatic thinking of how we love our spouse.

I tell you, love is strange. Still, love is powerful.

Let People Know You Love Them

Love is more than the feeling you feel when you see the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen. It’s more than the feelings you have for her after she says yes to marrying you.

We can feel love in platonic relationships, such as friendships and business relationships.

We’ve been conditioned to be cautious with our use of the word love. I think we need to be more free-flowing with the word.

I realized this as I signed copies of my book, Reel Leadership. I looked at the names of the people who had pre-ordered the book.

The feeling of love lept within my heart. The feeling told me to let some purchasers know that I loved them.

It felt weird to write the word Love as I signed my book. Yet, it was what I needed to do.

I needed to let the people in my life know that I love them.

You may not have a book that you can tell them you love them with. There are other ways you can let the people in your life know that you love them.

How To Let People Know You Love Them

1. Verbally tell them:

Give them a ring, have a face-to-face conversation with them, or send a video. You verbally speaking out the message of love will warm their hearts.

They will hear you say it. The people you tell that you love them will treasure your words.

More importantly, they will know they are loved.

2. Write a love letter:

No, not the kind of love letter you would write to a significant other but a love letter that reinforces how special the person you’re writing to is.

There is power in writing out a message. The words are on the printed page. They are there for the recipient to pore over again and again.

Write a letter telling them why they are special. Tell those you love what they mean to you. Let them know you’re different because of the impact they’ve had on your life.

3. Do an act of kindness:

But we don’t do kind around here! You may say that but it is not what needs to be done.

Kindness needs to be a part of your life. Especially in your relationships.

Do something kind for the people you love. Maybe you compliment their haircut, give a small token of appreciation, or do another kind deed.

By being kind, you can show people you love them.

Whatever you do today, make sure you’re letting the people around you know they are loved. Your acts of kindness will perk them up, change their attitude, and instill in them a sense of worth.

Love isn’t always squishy. But love is always a good thing.

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