4 Successes Leaders Should Celebrate

Do you celebrate successes? You should. And there’s a darn good reason behind celebrating success.

In today’s article, we’re going to look at 4 different kinds of successes and why you should celebrate each one. They’re all different and they all impact those you lead differently.

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Before we get started, celebrating success tells people they’re important. It tells you that you’re important.

With that, let’s look at the 4 successes leaders should celebrate.

4 Successes Leaders Should Celebrate

1. Team member successes:

Your team members are working hard for you and the organization you lead. They put their hearts and minds into the work they do.

When they succeed at something, be ready to celebrate that success.

Your team members are looking for affirmation. They want to know that they’re being noticed. You, the leader, have the power and ability to let them know that they are noticed and valued.

2. Team successes:

Next to team member successes, look to celebrate group successes. These successes are the ones that are accomplished by multiple members of the team you’re leading.

These successes should be celebrated because it reinforces the notion of teamwork and the value of working together. By celebrating teamwork, you celebrate the work of the team and encourage more of it.

3. Family successes:

You work so hard at the office that you can easily forget your family. I’ve seen it happen too often.

This is why we must pay attention to the successes our families experience.

Family successes may be:

  • Johnny getting an A in shop class
  • Your wife cooking a delicious dinner
  • Susie winning the local track meet

We have to make sure we’re constantly encouraging our family members (Honesty moment: I fail miserably at this one). Their successes matter. You can be the cheerleader they need.

4. Personal successes:

I put this one as the last one on the list not because it’s the least important but because they tend to be the successes we celebrate the most.

We love tooting our own horns. And it’s a good thing. We need to remind ourselves that we are successful and doing good.

But we also have to be careful that we don’t celebrate our successes to the detriment of others. Which we do regularly.

Celebrate your successes. Encourage yourself. But also take a step back to make sure you’re not bragging on yourself too much.

Celebrate Successes

By celebrating successes, you let other people know you see them. You also let them know you value their hard work and contribution.

Look for ways to celebrate the successes of those you lead, do life with, and of your own. These celebrations will help everyone feel valued and appreciated.

This feeling will help them to work harder, stronger, and longer than if they weren’t recognized.

Be a leader who celebrates successes and encourages those they lead and do life with.

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