3 Ways To Nurture Your Soul

The world of work will quickly drain your soul if you’re not careful. Having to make complex business decisions, the sketchiness of some organizations, and the constant battle for balance can have your soul in turmoil.

Because of this, our spiritual life often looks anemic. There’s not a lot of thought put into what we’re feeding our souls. We may even completely forget to take in Biblical content.

Before we know it we’re feeling drained and disconnected from God. There’s good news; you can find spiritual nourishment in multiple places. I want to help you top up on your soul and keep it filled in this article.

3 Ways To Nurture Your Soul

I believe there are quite a few ways to nurture your soul. Some of these ways involve being in a church community where you’re held accountable and growing. Other ways include non-traditional methods of nurturing.

I find the non-traditional ways can be some of the most fulfilling. I hope you will as well.

1. Church fellowship:

God made us to be communal. There’s something about gathering with other people to worship God and hear the word.

Make sure you’re making time to fellowship in the church. Go to a Sunday or Saturday service. Find a time that works for you.

Too often, we believe we don’t need the community church attendance brings. We’re wrong. We need the community of the church to keep our souls healthy.

2. Spend time in a devotional and the Bible:

We love soaking up the latest leadership insights through blogs, podcasts, and YouTube or TikTok videos. We regularly forget about the greatest book ever written.

The Bible is a wealth of information about our lives, how God loves us, and what part we play in all of this thing we call life.

Make sure you’re grabbing a great devotional and the good word. The more time you spend with God, the more your soul will be nurtured.

3. Serve others:

Our self-centeredness comes from being so wrapped up in our lives that we forget that others are struggling. There are plenty of people out there who need help.

You can serve at a local food pantry, the city rescue mission, or at a local school. Find a place to serve and serve.

You will discover your soul fills full from the people that are being helped. You find out that you can make a difference, even if the difference is to only one person.

Serving others will nurture your soul!

BONUS: Exercise:

This may seem the strangest of the ways to nurture your soul but I’ve found this to be an extremely intense way to meet with God. I’ve also seen others who have had God moments while exercising.

A fellow Team World Vision runner would constantly pray while running. He wouldn’t pray silently. Oh no, you could hear him coming or going because of his vocal prayers.

This gave him time to talk with God. His prayer time while running filled him up. You can be filled up as well when you exercise.

Find a way to pray, sing, or meditate on the presence of God while you’re exercising. You may find yourself in a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God afterward.

Your Soul Needs Attention

Your soul needs attention. You cannot lead a meaningful life while ignoring the eternal part of you.

Make sure you’re focusing attention on your soul in addition to the other parts of your life. It’s not the easiest thing to pay attention to but it is the most vital.

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