5 Types Of People God Will Use To Break The Rules

God is a God of order. He’s also a God who likes to break the rules, especially with leaders.

The rules God will break aren’t His rules. They’re the rules of man.

Why God Breaks The Rules Of Man

The Bible tells us plainly why God will break the rules of man.

Man looks on the outside. This is the outward appearance, the way a person acts or looks.

God, on the other hand, likes to look on the inside. He likes to look for humble hearts, servant attitudes, ready vessels.

Not exactly the kind of people the world will look for. Yet, these people are the ones God will use to change the world.

This is why He breaks the rules. Man’s way of finding a leader is outward based. God’s way is inward based.

The People God Will Use To Break The Rules

In his Catalyst Lab session in 2014, Pastor Sergio De La Mara shared the 5 characteristics of people God uses to break the rules. Here’s his list:

  1. People who give God permission to break their rules: Man loves to make up rules. We love to tell others the way things should be.

    God is looking for something more, something deeper. God is looking for people who are willing to set their preconceived ideas aside and let Him have His way in their lives.

    We can’t break the rules for God if we’re not willing to let Him break our rules.

  2. People who don’t qualify socially but qualify spiritually: Man has so many was of qualifying a person’s worth. Whether it’s his net worth or the degrees he’s obtained, we’re always looking for a way to qualify each other.

    God doesn’t care about degrees or pedigrees or wealth. God wants more.

    God wants a hungry man. A man who is spiritually fit. A man who’s willing to do God’s bidding.

    These men aren’t going to be the smartest or the brightest. They are going to be hungry.

  3. People who are chosen by God not just chosen by man: God knows man’s vision is weak. We have a limited view of the future.

    God knows the big picture. He knows the beginning and the end. He also knows man’s decisions will fail.

    We will choose the wrong leaders. We will choose the wrong organizations to work with. We will choose wrong…

    But God chooses right. He will break our rules by choosing men and women who are shunned by man. Be willing to accept His choice.

  4. People who are soiled yet God is ready to sanctify: I believe this one goes hand in hand with number 3. Man wants to choose the best and the brightest. The man without spot or blemish.

    God doesn’t care about that. He cares about the heart and who He’s ready to make clean.

    He’ll choose people who have been through the ringer to make whole. He will elevate these men to a status higher than we believe they could rise.

  5. People who are ready for the Holy Spirit to change their lives: It’s hard for God to use someone who isn’t ready. People have hardened their hearts to God and His ways.

    Yet He knows there are people out there who are ready for an outpouring of His love and cleansing.

    He’ll take the people who are ready to be cleaned before those who feel they’re righteous and clean.

God loves using broken people. And that’s how He breaks the rules.

He takes the broken and raises them up.

We see this time and again in scripture.

God elevated Joseph, a man full of pride, to a position of leadership that saved a nation. God elevated David, a man who murdered another man to cover up an affair, to the position of King and to be known as a man after God’s heart. God elevated Saul/Paul, who persecuted Christians, to be a writer of almost a third of the new testament.

God breaks rules all the times. Are you willing to let Him break yours?

Question: Are you open to God breaking your rules? Why or why not? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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