How To Become The Best Worst Boss Ever!

Have you watched the TV show The Office?

The show revolved around Michael Scott played by Steve Carell. He was the manager at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

If there were awards for the best worst boss, he would win it.

Steve Carell Coffe Mug

Image by Sean Buchan

Michael’s leadership skills left something to be desired.

Whether he was trying to make a joke or correct a team member, something always came out inappropriately.

Michael is a great character to study if you want to become the best worst boss ever.

  • Distract Others: Michael Scott was well known for distracting others.
    Distracting others can be an easy thing to do. I’m sure you won’t have to think hard at all.

    Create new office games. Have parties all the time. Interrupt your team while they are working.

    This will help you claim the title!

5 Ways to Savor Your Marriage Relationship

Today, I am writing as a contributor to the Christian Writers Blog Chain. The theme for March is “Savor.” If you are a Christian author or writer, be sure to check out to network with others.

The statistics for marriages can be downright disappointing.

Divorce is widespread. Affairs and flings appear to be common. Married couples are at an all-time low.

It may seem that marriages are dying and yours may be next.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can have an amazing marriage. It just takes a little bit of work.

Are you willing to put in the effort?

Statue of a couple in Denmark

Photograph by Derpunk

More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.
— Doug Larson

Here are five ways to save your marriage and savor the relationship:

5 Simple Ways To Become More Likeable

Do you remember the fun you had as a child?

The playdates you would have with your buddies? The adventures you would go on? The memories you created?

You thought they would never end. But they did…

Photograph by Sukanto Debnath

As you grew older, lots of changes happened.

You change schools. You start a family. You change jobs. You move away.

Each event can change the relationships you have. Especially your friendships.

Creating new relationships can be a struggle. Introducing yourself to new people can be scary.

But it all comes down to your likeability. People want to be around those that they like.

People like people who like them.
— Kare Anderson

Today, lets look at 5 simple ways to become more likeable.

It’s Not Easy Being a Superhero

Everyone loves a good story.

We’re often drawn to protagonists like Indiana Jones, Captain America, the Green Lantern, or Superman.

Why do we love characters like these? I believe it is because their story mimics our story.

Image via Creative Commons/Image by Esparta Palma

They have problems:

  • Indiana Jones faces snakes and bad guys that want the treasure he is after
  • Captain America is thrust into a world he is unfamiliar with. Years have passed by and he is unchanged. The world is not.
  • The Green Lantern is self-absorbed and given the responsibility to protect Earth. He has to learn to control his emotions.
  • Superman has his arch-nemesis Lex Luthor. He has love issues. He’s an alien.

They have weaknesses or suffered a loss:

  • Captain America has lost all he has ever known. His friends and family are either dead or old.