10 Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves

Leaders have a unique set of responsibilities. They’re responsible for the health of their teams. Leaders are also responsible for their own health.

Being a leader requires us to be conscious of these 2 facts. It also requires us to continuously ask ourselves questions.

Without asking questions, it’s easy for a leader to get off-track. You will lose sight of the endgame. You will be tossed to and fro. You will not reach your leadership potential.

So, what questions should a leader ask themselves? Here are 10 questions that every leader must ask themselves:

1. Why am I leading? You’re leading for a reason. Or at least you started out leading with a reason.

Asking yourself “Why am I leading?” will help you put the focus back where it belongs.

2. Am I leading Biblically? An especially pointed question for those who claim to be Christians. When we’re not focused on the firm foundation of our faith, we can begin to stray and lead in ways that are unbecoming of a Christian.

Ask yourself constantly “Does my leadership model the behavior of Christ?” If not, you know where you need to change.

3. Who am I leading? A mistake many leaders make is failing to get to know who is on their team. Sure, you may know their names and faces; but do you really know who they are?

Good leaders get to know their team well. They find out what they like to do and what motivates them.

4. Have I helped someone recently? Leading people is about helping others grow and reach new plateaus in their lives. You’re giving them a helping hand, guiding them in a direction that will help them.

When is the last time you helped someone get from point A to point B? This should be one of your goals as a leader.

5. What am I willing to give up? Simon Sinek talks a lot about the role of a leader in his poignant leadership book Leaders Eat Last. Within the book, you will see why leaders must be willing to give up their own desires for the betterment of the team.

6. What knowledge have I shared recently? To be an effective leader, you need to share what you’ve learned. You can do this by sharing a great book with a member of your team or paying for a class/conference to help him improve his skills.

Bringing up those around you is a sign that you’re a leader. Ask yourself when was the last time you shared what you’ve learned.

7. Are people actually following me? There are many people who consider themselves leaders yet if they were to look behind them, they wouldn’t see any followers. For someone to lead, they’ve got to have people who are watching and following them.

Ask yourself if there’s anyone who’s actually paying attention. You might be surprised by the answer.

8. What difference am I making? Not only must a leader have people following him, great leaders will also make a difference. Whether that’s through volunteering with a great organization or through a product the company is making, leaders make a difference.

Look back on your leadership and ask yourself “Have I made a difference in this world?”

9. What have I learned recently? An age old saying goes:

Not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers

While this saying is a generalization, it’s true that the majority of leaders are consistent learners. They’re searching out content that will help them improve their strengths.

Ask yourself “What have I consciously made an effort to learn recently?”

10. Who am I? You may be at a point where you no longer know who you are. That’s a dangerous spot to be in. And it comes from not asking questions.

Knowing who you are will give you the strength and confidence to lead through tough times. It will be a guiding light and keep you on the right path.

Never stop asking yourself ” Who am I?”

Question: What questions are you asking yourself? How has it impacted your leadership? Let’s talk about the questions we ask ourselves in the comment section below.

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