Top Posts And Commenters For January 2013

Wow! The first month of 2013 has already passed us by. It seems like the month flew by.

I hope your year has been off to a great start. Don’t worry if it hasn’t though. There’s always today and tomorrow.

January Wordle

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Now, let’s jump into the good stuff. Here’s the top posts, top commenters, and statistics I know you look forward to each month.

Top Posts

  1. The 20 Mile March (1-4-12)
  2. Sometimes The Grass Really Is Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence (5-14-12)
  3. Gain Influence By Telling Better Stories (1-14-13)
  4. Leadership Insights: Interview With Brad Lomenick (1-7-13)
  5. Should You Be An Empathic Leader? (1-9-13)
  6. 5 Leadership Lessons I Learned From An Exchange Server Failure (1-4-13)
  7. Great Leaders Do This (1-28-13)
  8. Why I Lead (1-30-13)
  9. It’s Not About Making A Point (1-18-13)
  10. Casting A Leadership Shadow (1-23-13)

This month, the older content took a backseat to the new content. Only 2 out of the 10 were published prior to January 2013.

While I like seeing older content in the top 10, it’s nothing to worry about right now. The content from January must have been that good to push the older content below the threshold of top 10 status.

Top Commenters

  1. Jon Stolpe
  2. DS
  3. Dan Black
  4. Dan Erickson
  5. Tom Dixon
  6. Kimanzi Constable
  7. Tessa
  8. Larry Carter
  9. TC Avey
  10. David

Thanks to all those that commented this month. It’s been great interacting and hearing your thoughts on my writing.

With your comments, you’re adding to the conversation. I never mean for the blog posts to be one way communication and it seems like you’re getting it. You jump in and comment like crazy. Keep it up!

Jon will be receiving Principle-Centered Leadership by Stephen Covey and DS will be receiving Seismic Shifts by Kevin G. Harney. I hope you’ll enjoy the books!

The top commenter in February will receive Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic.

Site Statistics

  • Visits increased by 16.02%
  • Unique Visits increased by 13.53%
  • Pageviews increased by 20%
  • Pages Per Visit increased by 3.43%
  • Average Visit Duration increased 29.79%
  • Bounce Rate increased by 43.92%
  • New Visits decreased by 1.88%

Overall, I’m pleased with the growth and traffic the site received this month. The site is still steadily climbing in traffic and new subscribers are coming in consistently.

January saw the return of leader interviews with Brad Lomenick leading off the year. From the reaction of the readers, you guys really enjoyed hearing from him. For February, I’m hoping to have John G. Miller, author of QBQ! The Question Behind The Question.

Fun Stuff

Some fun things are happening in my world. The eBook Four Traps Of Leadership is progressing and should be available soon. If you’re a subscriber or choose to subscribe to the blog after it’s published, you can pick the book up for free.

Pam and I were able to watch Big Daddy Weave play in Montague, Mi and see Jeff Jones final performance as the band’s drummer. The show was amazing and it was nice meeting with Jeff.

February will see me turn another year older. I’ll also be taking a trip to the U.P. of Michigan for an exciting waterfall/ice climbing adventure. There will also be a guest post by Chad Barrett. He’s guest posted on the site before and I’m excited to have him back.

Question: If you’re a blogger, what was your top post? Are you working on anything exciting? If you’re not a blogger, share a post that had a great impact. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • My top post this month was I’ve found that others seem to engage most when I am sharing about my personal story. In this post I shared about the time I decided to confess my secret life to my parents. 

    I’ve got some cool things coming up. Last night I started an 8-week course in Mindfulness. In this class, I’ll be learning how to be present, how to deal with stressors in my life and no longer let them have power over me. Through the class, others have said they experienced a higher joy and fulfillment in life. Soon I’ll be sharing about some of my experiences on the blog.

    OH! And in celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’ve got a husband and wife who will be posting on Feb 5 and Feb 12 about their sex life and how they keep things spicy. Those posts will be sizzlin’. 😉

    • I can understand why that was your top post Alana. You’ve got a way of sharing your story that draws others into it and gets them interested.

      Sounds like a lot of exciting things coming up in your life and blog as well! Can’t wait to see and hear how it’s affecting you.

  • How DOES that Jon Stolpe find the time? 🙂

    Congrats on the growth Joseph. I am looking forward to checking my stats later today. Been far too long. Thanks for the reminder!

    I had a two-way tie for top post. Neither of which I expected to be in my top five, let alone top two.

    Do This in Your Next Meeting. It Works.-

    How to Push Yourself…and Not Pay the Price –

    I base popularity on comments + shares, not traffic, and both had 32 comments and 11 shares. Crazy. 

    • Thanks Matt. It’s always interesting to check on the stats and see how things are going. 

      That’s a great way to gauge the popularity. Engagement other visits. 

    • Matt, I like the way you measure popularity of your posts.  I’ll have to do an analysis of my January posts to see how that impacted my top posts.

      As for finding the time, I think it’s somewhat coincidental that we end up showing up at many of the same blogs.  Either that or we just enjoy great stuff.  Glad to see your name around the blog world.  You have so much to offer!

      • Thanks Jon!

        Great minds think (and read) alike is how I look at it 🙂

  • My top post was a post about generating my second book cover.  I asked questions and gave options.  People like to get involved in these types of decisions.  I’m still working on the cover and will likely request input again in the next month or two.  My overall and new visits went way up in January, but have started to slow down the last week or so.  One thing I love to track is where the most visits come from.  They used to come from Seattle, the nearest large city to me.  Now NYC is #1 on my list.  I like this part of blogging.  Watching the stats. 

    • Cool Dan! Inviting interaction and input seem to be a great way to draw a crowd. 

  • Woohoo, I’m in the top 10! I feel special. 🙂

    My top post was entitled: Using Encouragement Wisely (

    I started giving away a free eBook in the middle of the month, so I hope that continues to increase traffic. Looking forward to reading yours Joe.  

    • I just signed up to follow your blog.  I’m looking forward to reading your writing.

      • Thanks Jon…I appreciate it greatly.

    • Congrats Tessa! You earned your spot by commenting!

      Did you see a spike in traffic and signups for the eBook giveaway? That’s one of my desires is to see more people subscribing. 

      • I did see a slight spike…although, I believe it was mainly due to creating an RSS driven e-mail campaign from the list.

        I’m not anywhere near the subscriber count that I’d like to be, though. My free book is a fiction piece that I wrote, which does not correlate with the topics on my blog…I know that’s not ideal, but it’s the best thing I can give away right now.

        • Just noticed you were the guest poster on Jon Acuff’s blog today. Congrats on landing that honor! 

  • One of my top posts was Top 10 Books I’ve Read in 2012 I’m also working on writing a book.

    • I remember this post.  I always enjoy these types of posts as they give me so many ideas for my own “To Read” List.  I just stopped over again to take a look, and it’s amazing to see how many comments you picked up on this post.  Congrats on the post and a great month!

      •  I know the book lists are great. I find a lot of good books by reading other posts with book lists. I was blown away with the comments, it was the most comments I have ever gotten on one post.

        Also your doing great with being at the top of so many peoples comments chart. Wherever, I go your the top commenter. Great job!

        • Commenting is part of being in community.  I wish I had more time to leave comments.  I think you must see me, because we’re following many of the same blogs.  I see your name all over the place.  So thankful to have friends in the blogging world like yourself.

          • So true, commenting is a huge part of being in the community. I hear you, I wish I had more time to read and comment as well. At least we are able to comment and interact with some great bloggers.

    • That was a great list Dan. Lots of great books. You also knocked it out with comments!  

  • Hey Joe!  Congrats on your month.  And thank you so much for the mention – it’s so easy to comment when you have such a great community going along with your excellent content.

    My top post was about my wife’s car crash at the beginning of the month.  Here’s the link:

    As for working on stuff, I’m excited to be growing my platform.  I’m working on an eBook (that didn’t get much attention this month).  And I’m considering the launch of a monthly newsletter to subscribers of my blog.

    • Thanks Jon. It’s been a great month. It’s my pleasure to mention you as you’ve been a vital part of the community. 
      I think you posted the wrong link in your comment. It lead to Chris’ website and doesn’t mention a car accident.

      Sounds like you’ve got/had some busy months in store for you. Can’t wait to see what you do.

      • Thanks for the catch on the link.  I just fixed it above.

  • Since I don’t have a blog, the post that had the greatest impact for me personally was your interview with Brad Lomenick. As I stated in my comments there, I have yet to find a “passion” that grabs me and steers me in a different direction – or, as I mentioned – maybe I shied away from something out of fear. And as my age continues up the chronological ladder, I’m finding a deeper “need’ to get steered somewhere. As I look over the bread crumb trail of comments I’ve posted on various blogs here in blog land, I’m finding that my search for “something” is a recurring theme. My prayer is to keep regret at bay and find that “something” before I get too many more rungs on my ladder.

    • David, glad you found the interview with Brad impact-full. Finding our passion can be a difficult task, especially with all of the conflicting voices we hear. I’ll continue praying that you’re able to discover yours.

  • Congrats on the great month Joe, keep up the good work buddy 🙂

    • Thanks Kimanzi! I’ll do my best to keep the good stuff coming. Do you know what your top post for the month was?

  • Reach2him

    Good to see the progress. Sad but exciting about @jeffdrummer – he’s got some call stuff in the works. The ebook is fun to hear about – looking forward to it!

    • I was sad to hear that about Jeff as well but he’s moving onto some awesome new work. You won’t be disappointed to see where he’s going!

  • Good job Joe. My top post for the month was Key-5 of the ‘Seven Keys to Unlocking the Power of Your Vision’ and I am working on finishing my book Vision Impact! for spring.

    • Awesome job Bernard! Will Vision Impact be a full fledged book or an eBook?

  • I said it last month, but again, I really appreciate you sharing this level of detail. I especially like the shout-out this month!  I am glad your blog continues to grow – and again thank you for the encouragement you have shown me.  My favorite post of January was my two part series on managing career constraints, because it really got at the heart of how I approach career coaching.

    • Tom, I appreciate your kind words. I’m hoping it can encourage others to move forward and take the actions to share what they know.