It’s Not About Making A Point

People often argue over the point. Trying to drive home their argument. Leaving the other party dead in the water.

Getting our point across is not the goal of leadership.

What’s Wrong With Making A Point

In theory, there’s nothing wrong with making a point. A point is what we want to get across to someone.

What’s wrong with making a point is how we often do it.

We belittle the other person’s opinion. Destroying their self-esteem. Tearing them down rather than building them up.

We value the point over the person.

If our goal is to get the point across over the value of a person, we’re not leading. We’re being forceful and coercing.

That’s not where we need to head as leaders.

Make A Difference, Not A Point

Our goal should be to make a difference. Not a point.

Making a difference requires affecting another person deeply. Showing them we care. We value their opinion. But we see a better way.

A point doesn’t change a person. It’s a fact. A lesson. An opinion.

A difference changes things. Making a difference will lift others up. It will place value upon their life. It will create a relationship.

How To Make A Difference

It’s not difficult to make a difference when you change your focus from being right to leading right.

To make a difference you have to build relationships. Begin pouring into others. Discover their passions and what drives them. Show an interest in those areas. Spend time growing close to them. Be present and be consistent. This will create the momentum needed to make a difference.

Share your story. Share your life with others. Open yourself up and let others see you as an open book. Use the experiences you’ve faced to relate principles and how they can make a difference in one’s life. People open up to change when they know your story.

Show the change in your life. If you’re not living out the point you’re trying to make, you’re being a bad example. Others will not want to follow you and change if you’re not being affected by what you’re saying and teaching. Let your life be a living example of the difference your point can make.

Let your leadership goal become making a difference over making a point. Points only go so far. Making a difference brings lasting change to someone’s life.

Be willing to step out today and make a difference.

Question: How are you making a difference today? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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