You Can’t Care For Others If You Won’t Care For Yourself

One of the prime goals of a leader should be to care for others. Whether it’s through the desire to influence someone to perform better or to see someone accomplish their lifelong goals, we have to care to help people succeed.

Yet we so often forget to care for one person in particular. This person is very valuable and requires attention to perform at peak levels.

That person is YOU! Yes, YOU! You need to care for yourself.

Yes, we must be aware of the needs and desires of others. We must be willing to step forward and care for them. Though not at the expense of your health or mental well-being.

Winter is coming to an end soon and as you know the flu season has been a nasty one this year. Lots of sickness being spread around the offices.

Why? Because people aren’t caring for themselves and coming into work. Doing so brings in disease and illness that quickly spreads to those that you care about.

Many people have become sick because of this type of attitude.

However, if we were to take the time to care for ourselves, nurse our bodies back to health, the sickness would have had much less of a chance to affect those you work with.

That’s one of the many reasons we must be willing to care for ourselves. It shows a level of respect to those we care about. It also helps you to perform much better than when you’re dragging your feet because you’re not feeling well.

Take time to care for yourself today. It might be a stop at Starbucks or the local coffee. Maybe it’s buying a new piece of ice climbing gear. Or it could be taking 10 minutes and listening to a relaxing piece of music (I’m currently listening to John Mark McMillian and must say it’s quite enjoyable).

Question: What have you done to care for yourself today? Please share your action in the comment section below.

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