Using Music To Enrich Your Life

I’ve heard so much about enriching our lives. And how we have to do that through reading great books, attending conferences, and listening to great audio series.

It’s enough to make you give up on music and go for only the motivational materials. I know because I’ve done it in the past.

I’d given up on listening to the music that I enjoyed and replaced it with everything I was told I needed to listen to.

Making this changed helped, but there always felt like there was something missing. The missing component was the enriching effect music had on my life.

When I made the change from listening to lots of music to listening to hardly any, it was an abrupt change. The change was prompted by mentors of mine telling me that they no longer listened to music. Instead, they filled their minds with enriching audio books or conference audio.

I’ll admit, I enjoyed the change too. But, like I said earlier, there was something missing. Something that left a void in me. And I couldn’t shake that feeling.

Eventually I realized what I was missing was music in my life.

Sure, I’d let the music play ambiently in the background but wouldn’t pay much attention to the music refrains, the styling, or the soothing nature.

This was all until recently when I began to pay attention to the music once again. I started to let myself drown in the melodies created by others. I’d follow the lyrical melodies as they played through the speakers. The words began to speak to me again.

Since this happened a couple of months ago, I’ve noticed a change begin to take place.

My creative juices have started to flow easier:  When I throw on certain music, it really kick starts my mind. The music takes me to another place and I let my mind wander. During these wanderings, I come up with new ideas and theories.

My life is enriched: Not only has music reinvigorated my creative juices, it’s also enriched my life. Great music allows me to get lost in thought. It brings me to new places, much like a great book. My heart begins to flutter. I begin to feel again.

My mood can be changed: Going through the recent struggles with the loss of my dog and sickness in my family, music has been a comfort. Feeling down and depressed, I’m able to toss on some music tunes and let the music cover me. Amazingly, my mood can change with the different music that plays through the stereo.

What I’m Listening To

Over time, my musical tastes have changed. There was a long period of time when I’d love to listen to heavy metal or punk rock. And I go back to that ever so often.

But as I’ve aged, I’ve let my musical tastes become varied. I’ve added classic rock, acoustic, instrumental, and more to my music library.

Here’s a few artists and CDs that have enriched my life lately:

All Sons And Daughters: Live – Simple melodies and a strong message create an engaging listen. This one has been on repeat for quite awhile.

The Halo 4 Original Soundtrack – Epic video games usually have epic soundtracks. Halo has been one of those series that has great music begin the gameplay. The scores are sweeping and moving. Soak in the big sound and you’ll be swept away in no time.

Johnnyswim – Johnnyswim is a new band that I recently found and their music has been a breath of fresh air.

There’s my list of music that has been enriching my life lately. It’s a brief but powerful list.

Question: What music is enriching your life right now? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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