Why Your Mindset Will Be Your Biggest Struggle

Do you know what the biggest hurdle to changing your life in 2019 will be? Your biggest hurdle will not be family or friends. Your hurdle won’t be your job or your title.

Track hurdle

Photo by Andrew McElroy

The biggest hurdle you’re going to face is your mindset.

The Hurdle

Your mindset will cause you to stumble and fall. It’ll tell you that you’re wrong or made the worst decision ever.

It’s funny how the small space between our ears will be the biggest battlefield we’ll ever face.

Our minds love to play tricks on us. They love to get us down and out.

From negative self-talk to the replay of past failures, we’re constantly telling ourselves we’re not good enough. This sets us up for future failures. It’s also why your mindset is going to be your biggest hurdle for changing your life.

Jumping The Hurdle

The good news is you can jump the hurdle of your mindset. You can get past the negative self-talk and the dizzying replays of failure. You can move into success.

But what does it take to jump the hurdle?

  • Focus on past successes: Why focus on failures when you can focus on success? By shifting from the failures to the successes, you’re telling yourself you can succeed. You can do it. You are good enough.
  • Know results aren’t instant: So many people give up on their goals because the results don’t instantly appear. Results take time. Just like piling on the pounds or the poor eating habits happened one bite at a time, you won’t see your results right away.
  • Realize you can fail… And get back up again: Failures happen. You cannot escape them. What you can do is accept failure will happen. When you fail, get back up and wipe the dirt off and get back to work.

Jumping the mindset hurdles will take time. You’ll have to readjust your mindset and habits. But, when you do, you will be ready to transform your life.


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