Discovering The Power Of Reinventing Yourself In A New Year

The start of a new year offers you the illusion of something special. A new start. A fresh start.

While there’s nothing different on January 1st than on July 7th (other than it’s Pam’s birthday), we tend to take special actions at the beginning of a new year.

You have the choice to make a difference

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We set New Year Resolutions. We resolve to make big changes in our lives. Or we dream about what a different life would look like.

But why is January 1st the special day? It’s because we clear the sheets from last year and see the possibilities of a new year. We look at January 1st as special because the date helps us to make a clean break.

You don’t have to use January 1st to make your clean break. You can break free at any time and create a new you.

Discovering The Power Of Reinventing Yourself In A New Year

What do you want for the new year? Do you want to see yourself as a better, kinder person? Could your paycheck use a nice bump? Or do you want to get healthier in 2019?

All of these things can be accomplished. Each goal you set for yourself is powerful. You can tell yourself where you’re going and how to get there.

This is the power you have at the beginning of the new year. You have the power to change. The power to reinvent yourself.

When you discover this truth, that you have the power to change, you can begin to reinvent yourself. You can get healthier. You can choose to love better. And you can choose to improve your life circumstances.

Yet nothing will happen unless you discover the power within you. You have to choose to change.

This choice will reinvent your life. You will see new possibilities before you. You will feel like you’re finally in control of your life.

But will you make the choice? Will you discover the power to reinvent yourself? To make yourself better than you were before?

The choice is up to you. I hope you take it.

Question: How are you reinventing yourself this year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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