What You Do Differently Makes You Unique

As I sit here writing this article, I’m basking in the wonderful sounds of Unwed Sailor. They are a mostly instrumental band, meaning there are typically no vocals.

Having no vocals for a band is very uncommon. Vocals bring a unique melody and meaning to a band. This is something Unwed Sailor has forgone for most of their musical catalog.

Colorful umbrella in the midst of gray umbrellas

Photo by Noah Naf

Their lack of a vocalist hasn’t stopped them from creating music. In fact, they’ve been creating music since 1998, over 20 years!

The music they produce can be calming to chaotic. All of it beautiful and enchanting. Check out their catalog on Amazon to see what I’m talking about.

There’s something interesting about instrumental rock and ambient drones. It’s what makes Unwed Sailor unique.

What You Do Differently Makes You Unique

I’ve shared what makes Unwed Sailor unique. It’s their mostly instrumental music. It’s also what has kept them alive and daring in the music scene.

It’s time to ask yourself: What makes you unique?

Your uniqueness will attract (and repel) people from you. You will have people who love what you do because of the way you do it. They will see you as daring. Or maybe they will see themselves in you.

Whatever uniqueness you bring to the table, there will be a core group drawn to you.

This is what you want. You want people who like you for what you bring. You don’t want people to like you for what you’re pretending to be.

Get to know yourself. Get to know what makes you unique as a leader. Then begin leading with your uniqueness.

You will discover 3 things. You will discover:

You lead better when you lead in your uniqueness:

You bring a certain uniqueness to every situation. Why not leadership? Don’t be ashamed to bring your love of movies, your love of music, or your love of macrame to your leadership style.

I use movies to help people understand how to lead better. That’s unique.

You may be able to make people understand leadership better through musical compositions or by using a board game. These are unique ways to lead. Use them!

You attract a crowd that is highly attracted to you:

Your uniqueness will attract other people to you. They will be unique, like you. They will see what makes you special, see it in themselves, and then begin to notice you.

This is why niching down your leadership or business works so well.

People are attracted to the things that are like them. Use your uniqueness to attract those with similar interests.

You feel more confident when you are unique:

Your uniqueness is who you are. It is what makes you, you.

From a love of movies to a love of music to a love of drones, these are the places you find your inspiration and joy. Why would you not intersperse these aspects of your life into the way you lead?

You can use what you love, what makes you unique to share what you know. When you share it with what you love, you feel more confident.

Use this to lead through your uniqueness.

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