What To Do When You’re Tired

It’s just past noon as I write this. My eyelids feel heavy and all I want to do is close them. I’m tired…

Leadership can drain on the leader. There’s so much responsibility and accountability, you can feel exhausted just waking up. The weight is always there.

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But you and I, we weren’t created to live a life of tired. We were meant to be fully alive. And you can’t be fully alive if you’re always tired.

Thus the question is raised: What do I do when I’m always tired?

What To Do When You’re Tired

Being tired doesn’t just affect your mental attitude. Being tired affects your physical health and the people around you.

A mental fog rolls over your mind. Your decisions are unsure. And you may begin to easily forget what you were working on.

When you’re tired, your attitude changes. You treat people differently. You respond to situations differently, sometimes inappropriately. You may even make bad decisions because of your restlessness.

Top these issues off with the health problems you may face because of a lack of sleep or an overall sense of tiredness and you’re in for a world of hurt. Being tired is dangerous.

So, what can you do when you’re tired? I suggest trying out the following:

Get Active:

Some people experience a sense of fatigue because they’re immobile most of the day. You may be stuck behind your office desk or in a stationary position most of the day. This is boring and tiring.

Find a way to get active during your day. Take a 15-minute power walk during your lunch break, host a walking meeting, or step away from the desk and pump out 15 push-ups.

Eat Energizing Food:

Skip the Snickers candy bar (though they are soooo good!) or the sour cream and onion potato chips from the vending machines. These foods will give you a temporary boost of energy. They’ll also give you a hard crash afterward.

Instead, go for easy to eat energizing foods. You should go for a piece of beef jerky or a fresh apple. Not only will these give you a quick boost, but the boost will also last longer than your sugary energy rush.

Take A Power Nap

What?!? Am I really suggesting you take a nap during the workday? Yes, if it helps you recharge your batteries.

Taking a power nap will help you rejuvenate your mind and body. The quick 15 minutes you spend napping will more than make up for your downtime.

Drink More Water

Many people are dehydrated and they don’t know it. Instead of regularly drinking water, you may be pounding back Diet Coke or Pepsi.

These sugary soft drinks won’t do much for your tired state of being. They may actually be causing you to become more tired. Instead of pop, try drinking more water.

Drinking more water will combat dehydration in your body and increase your energy.

Question: What other ways are you combating tiredness or fatigue throughout your day? Let’s help each other out by sharing our secrets.

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