Can You Win The Hearts Of Your Team?

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What do you think about when you hear “Win the heart?” Does your mind wander to the love of your life and how you wooed her off her feet? Or does it make you think of your little princess and how she constantly makes you fall in love with her over and over again?

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What if I told you winning the heart isn’t only for your family and relationships. Winning the heart goes way beyond this. Winning the heart works not only with family, winning the heart works with those you lead.

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Why You Need To Win The Hearts Of Your Team

Mark Miller, in his great book, Win The Heart, discusses the topic of winning the heart of your team. He makes a strong and valid case on why you need to look at the hearts of those you lead.

Strong team member engagement isn’t a fluke. Engagement comes from more than a paycheck or bonus. Engagement comes from the heart.

This is why you need to win the hearts of those you lead. You win their heart, you get them engaged. Not only do you get an engaged team, you get a focused and energized team. A team that will go above and beyond the call of duty.

Win The Heart Of Your Team

In Win The Heart, Mark Miller shares 5 things leaders need to do to win the heart of their people. Winning the hearts of your team isn’t easy. You’ll struggle over the logistics of working towards a unified, won-over team.

The end result is worth it. You have to be willing to chase their hearts. To discover a way to make the team loyal and hardworking.

I love the model Mark uses in Win The Heart. I want to share 2 of those and leave the other 3 methods of winning the heart for you to discover when you purchase Win The Heart.

1. Connection:

The first way to Win The Heart of your team is to look for ways to create a connection. Connection is a major motivator in team members sticking around and doing good work.

You may think you know what connection is. But I’m guessing connection goes farther than you think.

You want team members to be connected. Connected means:

  • Talking to your team members on a regular basis. Not only about work but about real things happening in their lives. By talking with your team, you will connect to them.
  • Communicating the vision of the organization. Your vision should be compelling and exciting. It should draw people in. Your vision should also be something you’re willing to talk about and show how it connects to your team members. Make the connection between vision and the individual.
  • Getting team members to talk with one another. It’s one thing to have an open line of communication between the leadership and the team. It’s another thing to get the team members connected to one another. I fondly remember the relationships I formed at a previous employer. My coworkers were not only coworkers, but they also became my friends. Work on connecting your team members to each other.

2. Affirmation:

Another way to Win The Heart that Mark shares in the book is through Affirmation. Affirmation is the speaking of positive words to those you lead.

Many leaders think they are good in this area… Many leaders would be wrong.

To become a more affirming leader, you can:

  • Learn to say “Thank You.” You may tell your team members Thank You when they stay late to fix a problem. Or maybe they discovered a new way to run parts that saves the company thousands of dollars a year. A thank you there is understandable. But what about thanking your team members at the end of their shifts? They came in, they worked, you paid them… That’s the end, right? No, you can do more. You can affirm more. You can tell them thank you for the job you paid them for. This affirmation is game-changing. Be willing to give affirmation for the expected output.
  • Affirm core beliefs. Most businesses have a list of core beliefs or values. These are the words you and your team members are supposed to live by. When’s the last time you thanked Bob for serving by wiping down the bathroom sinks because they were dirty, though it wasn’t his job? Or Alice, in accounting, who was assertive and proactively stopped a bad check from going out? These actions need to be affirmed. If your team members are living out your core beliefs, thank them for doing so.

You can supercharge your organization using these two techniques to win the heart. You can take it even further by learning the other 3 keys to winning the heart of your team.

This is why I’m excited to offer you the opportunity to win a copy of Win The Heart by Mark Miller. To enter to win the book, enter through the form below.

Question: What are you doing to win the heart of your team members? How’s it working? Let’s talk about this in the comments below.

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