What Does Good Leadership Look Like For Trucking Companies?

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Trucking companies are the backbone of society. So many businesses depend on getting their goods from A to B, safely into the hands of their customers. Without trucking companies, this wouldn’t be possible. If you’re the owner of a business like this, you need to learn how to lead your team. It can sometimes feel as though you don’t have to do much – surely, you just let your driver’s driver around in trucks, right? 

Wrong! Instead, this is what good leadership looks like for trucking businesses: 

Understand the unique demands of a trucker

Truckers are unlike other employees that you may find in an office. These people work really long shifts, driving for hours a day. Therefore, you need to understand their unique demands and cater to them. Put systems in place that tackle some of the main struggles your employees go through. As an example, make it mandatory that everyone takes a long one-hour break for lunch. Whilst on their breaks, people tend to use their mobile phones to communicate with friends and family, and even watch TV, why not offer the drivers access to bespoke wifi for truckers so they are always connected, regardless of where they are on the map?

As a leader, if you demonstrate an understanding of what a trucker goes through every day – and how you can make their lives better – you will be greatly appreciated by all of your employees. 

Protect your employees

Similarly, truck drivers are in the unenviable position of driving big heavy vehicles every day. As such, there’s a high risk of auto accidents happening whenever they get behind the wheel. You are in charge of each employee, so it’s your job to ensure they are all protected. Bad leaders will hang truck drivers out to dry if there’s an accident, making them pay for any repairs out of their salary. 

Good leaders recognize that this is likely not their fault. In fact, truck accident lawyer John Foy explains the situation perfectly by noting that it’s much harder for large trucks to stop quickly, and they lack the visibility of normal vehicles. In a lot of cases, truck accidents are caused by the other driver, but because a truck is involved, the truck driver is usually the one that gets penalized. To be a good leader, you should protect your employees with as much insurance as possible, assuring them that you will handle any issues as a result of accidents. It gives them one less thing to worry about – and one more reason to keep working for you. 

Always consult with your drivers

Never become too detached from your truck drivers. They are the reason your business continues to run, so they deserve to be heard. Always consult with them and ask them about any upcoming ideas or plans you have for the business. 

For example, ask them about potential truck upgrades – what type of truck would they prefer to drive, are there any extras that could be included in the cabin with them? Keeping them in the loop is critical to ensure they know their work is valued. 

Yes, this is what good leadership looks like for a trucking company. It’s all about keeping your employees on your side, demonstrating that you care about them and understand their specific concerns. 

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