5 Ways To Pray For The Team You Lead

Prayer should be a part of every believer’s lifestyle. Prayer keeps you close to God and is like a direct line to Him.

Many leaders want to pray for their teams. They desire to see their team prosper, be successful, and grow.

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Discovering how or what to pray for their team can be challenging. Today, I want to make it a little less difficult for you.

Keep reading to discover five ways to pray for the team you lead as a Christian leader.

5 Ways To Pray For The Team You Lead

1. Pray for wisdom:

The wisest man to ever live, King Solomon, could have prayed for wealth, fame, and more. Instead, King Solomon asked God to give him wisdom.

Pray that God increases the understanding of your people. That He opens their eyes and gives them insight beyond human comprehension.

The wiser your team, the more they’ll grow.

2. Pray for peace:

One of the most challenging things a leader has to do is to lead a person whose home life is in shambles. Whether it is addiction, marital strife, or something else, a person dealing with this is challenging to lead.

Pray peace over their household. Ask God to send the peace that passes understanding.

The more peace your people have, the less strife there will be in the office.

3. Pray for unmerited favor:

Unmerited favor is a favor that isn’t earned or deserved. This could be a business deal that goes through despite multiple mistakes or a random phone call that lands a new client.

Pray that your people receive this. That they are able to make calls, land deals, grow the business… Even when they don’t deserve it.

The more you pray for this, the more your organization will grow. Not because you deserve it, but because God loves you and the people working with you.

4. Pray for grace:

Your people will make mistakes. They will have challenging home lives. Things will feel off on certain days.

Your people need grace. Just as you need grace from God and them.

Pray that they will experience grace throughout their days. Ask God to give them grace in their dealings with rude customers, new customers, and you.

You have a huge part to play here. You can offer grace when things go wrong. You not only need to pray for grace for your team, but you also need to offer grace to your team.

5. Pray for new opportunities:

You need to be praying for opportunities for your team members. Not only within your organization but outside of it.

By praying for opportunities, you give your people the chance to grow, expand their areas of influence, and thrive in life.

Sometimes, this will take them away from your organization. It’s sad. But they may be better suited for something away from you.

Sometimes, this will take place within your organization. They find a new skill, talent, and joy that they can work hard and succeed at.

And, sometimes, it will take them away from your organization only to bring them back. They leave your organization with their new skills for a new opportunity. A year or two later, they return because of the love, grace, and care you showed them. Not only do they return, but they return better, with additional skills and wisdom that they will use to grow your organization.

Prayer Is Powerful

Prayer is powerful! Especially when wielded by leaders who want to see their people succeed.

Don’t neglect this tool as you lead your people. Pray for them. Pray for them regularly.

The more you pray, the more you’ll bless your people.

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