Taking Care Of Yourself As You Move Up The Ladder

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Securing a promotion or landing a high-powered job is an exciting and well-deserved achievement. Being given more responsibility and a better paycheck will inevitably come with some expectations, and some of the biggest pressures you may face are the ones you put on yourself.

While there will no doubt be a learning curve with your new role and some challenges along the way, taking care of yourself is important. Take a look at the following tips to help you keep your health and wellbeing in check as you move up the ladder. 

Establish a routine

Maintaining a solid routine is the first step towards balancing a new job and caring for your health. But this isn’t always easy when faced with a busy week. Establishing a routine that works for you, whether that includes getting up earlier or time-blocking your day, can help you structure your day in a way that works for you.

If you know you’ve got a busy week ahead, finding ways to help you maintain self-care can help you stay on track, even if you think your schedule won’t allow it. 

Take care of your basic needs

Self-care is important, especially when you’re a high flyer. If you don’t take care of your basic health needs, you can find yourself run down and at risk of burnout. Make the effort to exercise, eat healthily and get a good night’s sleep each night. You must make time for these things to help keep your body and mind strong, and to maintain the energy you need to handle each day. 

Prioritize your health

It’s easy to put everyone first and ignore your own health. But if you get sick, you won’t be much use to anyone. Putting your own health first is important. This means sticking to your appointments, such as health check-ups, dental appointments and other vital checks. If you feel yourself becoming sick, take some time to rest up. It’s easy to try and carry on, but taking some time off will help you recover much quicker. 

Moving into a new role is a good time to evaluate your health insurance and ensure you’ve got a good plan in place. Enlisting a life care planner can also help you prepare for life’s unexpected events. Think about both your present and future health to ensure your wellbeing comes first.

Lay ground rules to maintain a work/life balance

When you take on a new senior position, you can feel pressure to perform. Some people take this to mean putting in more hours or always being available, but in time, that will take its toll. Laying some ground rules for yourself can help you enjoy a better work/life balance, as well as maintain your mental health. Doing this for yourself can help you set a better example for your team, helping to make sure nobody gets sick because of work.

Your career is important, but it should never be at the expense of your health. Focus on taking care of yourself as you move up the ladder, so you can stay fit and healthy enough to enjoy your success. 

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