Dealing With Workload Pressure

You know that sinking feeling. The one where your heart flutters because of the ever-increasing workload pressure you’re under.

The flutter isn’t the fluttering you feel when you see your bride walk down the aisle. Or the flutter you feel when you see your kid score his first big-boy touchdown.

Man with hands on face. Looks overwhelmed

Photo by Christian Erfurt

No, the flutter you feel in your heart when you realize how heavy your workload is is different. This flutter is like the flutter of a dying moth.

The moth is on its last legs. His body is giving out. His wings flutter but they don’t lift him. He’s on a death spiral.

That’s the kind of flutter you feel when your workload is overwhelming.

You feel like you have no way of ever recovering. You feel like you’re buried beneath your work responsibilities. There’s no way out!!!

Or is there?