The Impact Of Gratitude On A Leader’s Life

As we approach Thanksgiving, it’s never more appropriate to consider the impact of gratitude on our lives, especially as a leader. There’s so much to be thankful for and so much we take for granted.

Have you ever been led by someone who lacked gratitude? You could tell, couldn’t you? They walked around with a sour look on their face, their actions displayed disdain to those around them, and there was this sense of tension in the air.

A person that lacks gratitude is hard to be around. Do you know what’s even harder? Being around a leader who lacks gratitude.

It’s impressive what gratitude can do for you. According to the Mayo Clinic, studies have shown that feeling thankful can improve sleep, mood, and immunity. On top of that, when you are grateful, you decrease depression, anxiety, difficulties with chronic pain, and the risk of disease! 

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Justice League: Doom

A Reel Leadership Article

My latest book, Reel Leadership, is now available on Amazon. If you love movies and leadership, you will love this book.

DC Comics has long struggled with live-action movies. An area they shine in outside of their comics? The animated movies they release.

Their animated movies have been packed full of action, meaning, and style. They should continue to focus on it while developing their live-action films. They’re in good hands with James Gunn heading the new DC Cinematic Universe. Until that time, we get to enjoy the excellent animation they’re putting out.

In this Reel Leadership article, we’re looking at the 2012 animated film Justice League: Doom

The Justice League standing together

Imagine this: Your organization has been hacked. Important files about key personnel have been obtained. An enemy organization is using the data to target those in your employ.

That’s the basic premise of Justice League: Doom.

Bouncing Back: How to Cultivate Resilience in the Face of Life’s Challenges

Our mindset can make or break us. If we live with a negative mindset long enough, we bring ourselves and those around us down.

We can’t do that. It’s not right for those we care about. It’s not right for us.

But what can we do about this? We can change our mindset. We can become resilient.

A rock island surrounded by water and rock walls

Photo by Wolf Schram on Unsplash

Bouncing Back: How to Cultivate Resilience in the Face of Life’s Challenges

Life throws a lot of crap our way. It’s our choice whether or not we allow the crap we get hit with to stick or not.

I think of all the setbacks I’ve had in my life. From being let go from Family Christian Bookstores (this could be one of the best setbacks that set me up for a great comeback) to becoming deathly ill, I’ve had to bounce back.

Finding Purpose In Your Life

A person who doesn’t have a purpose in their life is a wandering generality. They don’t know where they’re going, why they’re going somewhere, and what to do with their life. It’s a sad situation.

That’s why you need to find your God-given purpose for your life. You’ll have a laser-focused destination that you can direct yourself toward.

But how do you find your purpose? What do you do when you don’t know where to go?

Good news, there’s a plan you can follow.

How To Find Purpose In Your Life

I’ll start off with the key to finding your purpose. You have to find the creator of the world and you. God knows you better than you know yourself. Better than anyone knows you. Finding yourself in a relationship with Him will help direct your path. He is the one that created you, after all.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Adam Driver And 65 Movie

My latest book, Reel Leadership, is now available on Amazon. If you love movies and leadership, you will love this book.

65 is the new science-fiction movie starring Adam Driver as Mills, a pilot whose ship crash lands on an alien world (which turns out to be Earth). The plot thickens as he discovers he’s not alone on the planet. One passenger survived. The survivor is a young girl named Koa (Ariana Greenblatt).

The movie is an interesting film. The cast is small. Looking at IMDB, they have a total of five, yes five, cast members listed. This may be one of the smallest cast of actors since Will Smith’s I Am Legend. While there are five cast members listed, a majority of the film focuses on two, Mills and Koa.

There are also a couple of twists and turns. You think the film is going to be a dinosaur movie. To an extent, that’s true. However, the threat in the movie turns from dinosaurs to an impending asteroid strike.