5 Things Church Leaders Are Doing Right

In a recent post, I shared 5 things church leaders are focusing too much on. It created quite the conversation.

One point that was brought up was that I failed to highlight what church leaders are doing right.

Church leaders are doing some things right

Believe me, I know there are church leaders doing things right. That’s why I want to take a look at the things church leaders are doing right.

  1. Encourage healthy giving: A lot of churches have encouraged their congregations to give because the church NEEDS their money. Whether it’s for building projects, budgets, or some other need of the church, the focus has been inward.

    There are churches out there who are encouraging another type of giving. This giving focuses on outward needs.

    These church leaders are encouraging healthy giving by sharing what good their tithes and offerings do. This includes donating to local rescue missions, non-profits, and giving to the poor.