5 Things Church Leaders Are Doing Right

In a recent post, I shared 5 things church leaders are focusing too much on. It created quite the conversation.

One point that was brought up was that I failed to highlight what church leaders are doing right.

Church leaders are doing some things right

Believe me, I know there are church leaders doing things right. That’s why I want to take a look at the things church leaders are doing right.

  1. Encourage healthy giving: A lot of churches have encouraged their congregations to give because the church NEEDS their money. Whether it’s for building projects, budgets, or some other need of the church, the focus has been inward.

    There are churches out there who are encouraging another type of giving. This giving focuses on outward needs.

    These church leaders are encouraging healthy giving by sharing what good their tithes and offerings do. This includes donating to local rescue missions, non-profits, and giving to the poor.

  2. Helping their parishioners to volunteer outside the church: We see a lot of the focus on being IN the church. Church leaders will tell their people to hop on board and volunteer within the church.

    Yet, I believe, Jesus had a different take on this. The Bible tells us that we are IN the world, not OF it. I take this to mean that we should be living our lives IN the world and doing what we can to make it a better place.

    Healthy churches know this and encourage their attendees to get involved in organizations outside of the church.

  3. Invite lively discussions: One big criticism of the church has been that it shuts out all forms of debate. They don’t want to be challenged or hear an opposing viewpoint.

    The truth is we all know that not everyone will agree. And not everyone will have a Biblical viewpoint. That’s okay…

    To get people to a proper view of the Bible, we need to encourage lively discussions. Hit the hard topics. But also bring the truth.

    Getting people to talk is just the start. Once they feel comfortable, they’re much more open to the truth.

  4. Leading by example: There are those who lead churches by telling people the truth yet they fail to live out the truth. They’re a sham.

    Church leaders that are leading right know they can’t be two-faced like this.

    They know they have to live a consistent, Christ-centered life. Anything else wouldn’t suffice.

  5. Stand for the truth: The last things church leaders do right is that they stand for Biblical truth. They know what the Bible says and they won’t be shaken.

    The world has told us a lot of what the Bible says. A lot of what the world has said the Bible says isn’t true so people have a very skewed version of the Bible in their minds.

    Church leaders who are doing things right are willing to challenge these false beliefs and challenge them when it’s time.

    Don’t be scared to stand for the truth. It’s what church leaders MUST do.

Question: These are but a few things church leaders are doing right. What else are church leaders doing right? Let’s talk about that in the comment section below.

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