How To Not Be Entitled

Entitlement is an insidious disease. Slowly, it creeps in and, before you know it, you feel you deserve the world, and more.

Entitlement tells us that we have a right to something. Whether that’s our leadership position, some kind of possession, or privilege.

We struggle with this because we’ve been conditioned to want more and better. We are bombarded with messages that tell us we’re deserving of more.

The truth is, we’re not.

While we may be good at our jobs.. While we may be a great husband or wife… While we may land the big gigs…

We’re not entitled to anything more than what we’ve agreed upon in those areas.

It also doesn’t entitle us to bigger and better.

How To Stop The Feeling Of Entitlement

Entitlement can creep up on us before we realize it. Even when we feel we’re prepared and watching out for it.

That’s why we must always be on guard and defending against entitlement by doing these 3 things:

  1. Be humble: Humbleness is the first step in defeating entitlement. Humbleness is telling us that we need to think of ourselves less and less.

    It’s not about us. It’s about others.

  2. Be grateful: Gratefulness opens up a whole new world to us. Being grateful means we’re appreciative of what we have.

    These things and positions may not be the best or where we want to be, yet we need to be grateful that we’re there and we have the positions we’ve been granted.

  3. Be contented: The last ingredient to combating entitlement is to be content. This isn’t some woo-hoo touchy feely thing.

    Rather, being content is being happy with yourself and where you’re at.

    Be happy with your current pay. Be happy with your current position. Be happy with your wife. Be happy with what you’ve been given.

    Now, you can still strive for excellence and new experiences but be happy where you’re at.

Question: How are you fighting entitlement in your life? Let’s talk strategies in the comment section below.


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