Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Double Dragon The Movie

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Double Dragon is a popular side-scrolling video game initially released in 1987. Due to the video game’s popularity, Double Dragon was made into a movie in 1994 (buy the movie by clicking here). The film has gained a cult following among video game and movie fans alike.

Starring Mark Dacascos as Jimmy Lee, Scott Wolf as Billy Lee, Julia Nickson as Satori Imada, Alyssa Milano as Marian Delario, and Robert Patrick (of Terminator 2 fame) as the villain Koga Shuko, the movie is a fun romp through a time when video game movies weren’t that good.

Today, we will look at the leadership lessons in Double Dragon. There are plenty. So get the popcorn ready and let’s fight… no, let’s lead!

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Double Dragon The Movie

1. Leaders aren’t glory hogs:

Jimmy and Billy were fighting in a tag-team contest. Jimmy had the opponent on the ropes. This is when Billy tagged himself in.

The tide of the match changed. The opponent regained his strength. Billy and Jimmy lost the match because Billy thought he had to finish it.

Do you seek glory from your leadership position? Stop it.

Leaders are not glory hogs. They’re willing to let their team members receive the glory and grow.

2. Beware of distractions:

The Lees and Satori were driving after curfew. Billy sees a “woman” that looks hot. They pull the car over.

Uh oh. Trouble!

Billy’s woman was actually a man setting him up. The helpless damsel in distress was a trap for them to be jumped.

Be careful of distractions. They’re all around you. They’ll also bring you down.

What distractions are you losing your focus on? Catch them early and stop them!

3. Fuel yourself properly:

The car the Lees were driving used flammable material for power. The Lees were using paper, fabric, and more to fuel the vehicle.

They needed a bigger boost. They began to search the glove box of the car.

Score! There’s a can of Cheez-Whiz. The container said it was flammable. Boy, was it ever!

Using the can of Cheez-Whiz, the car became turbocharged. They were able to escape the crazies chasing them.

Your body and mind use fuel. It’s the books, movies, music, and more that you listen to and watch the fuels the brain. The food you consume fuels your body.

Use the right fuels to turbocharge your leadership by properly fueling your body and mind.

4. Mirian:

The Power Corps could use you.

Marian was leading a group called the Power Corps. They were doing the things the cops couldn’t do: Keeping the city safe.

They were looking for good people to help stop the crazies running rampant in the streets.

Marian saw the Lees as a great addition to the Power Corps. She made the ask.

Your organization can always use new people. Do you have a list of qualities you would like them to have?

Start creating a list of traits new team members should have. When interacting with new people, look for those qualities in them. Ask them to join the team if they have the qualities you need.

5. Jimmy Lee:

Doesn’t look dangerous.

Jimmy was handed one half of the Double Dragon pendant. He looked at the pendant and scoffed. The pendant doesn’t look dangerous.

What he didn’t know was that the pendant had been split into two. The pendant was powerful, especially if the pendant was combined.

The things we’re facing and dealing with don’t always look dangerous. They are a hidden danger because of this.

Beware of dismissing things because they don’t look dangerous. The danger can be hidden.

6. Bad leaders don’t care what happens to those they lead:

Shuko had Linda Lash (Kristina Wagner) bring a lackey, Abobo (Henry Kingi), to the base’s basement. There, they performed experiments on him.

Shuko had no care for what happened to Abobo. He only wanted results. For this, he was willing to risk Abobo’s life.

Bad leaders don’t care about the people they lead. They only desire results.

Results aren’t bad. However, when results are demanded above all else, leaders and organization fall into a dangerous position.

Make sure you’re caring for people while getting results. It can be done.

7. Leaders can disagree on what they see:

Mirian saw the Power Corps as New Angeles’ saviors. They were fighting to clean up the city.

Her father, Chief Delario (Leon Russom), saw the group as a terrorist.

Both leaders had a reason to see the Power Corps as they did. In a way, they were both right even though they disagreed.

There are going to be people you lead and interact with that disagree with you. This doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It also doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

You both are looking at the situation through different lenses. When you’re able to understand this, you’re able to increase your influence. Work to see both sides.

8. There are different leadership styles:

Shuko’s people blew up the building Satori was in, killing her. This forced Billy and Jimmy to work together.

Their relationship was strained. Each of these men had a different personality type.

Jimmy was a planner. He wanted things to be done in a specific way.

Billy was impulsive. He saw what needed to be done and took action.

The people you lead are going to be different than you. You’re going to be different than them.

Work on finding the best way to combine the differences in personalities and leadership styles.

When you can create synergy between the styles, things will take off.

9. Chief Delario:

I made one mistake. I won’t make another.

Chief Delario made a big mistake. We don’t see him make the mistake but we do see the results.

The gangs had taken over New Angeles. Chief Delario had given the gangs the city during the night. During the day, the gangs were not to cause trouble.

Eventually, Chief Delario realized the mistake he made. He vowed not to make another.

Leaders will make mistakes. You will choose the wrong action, say the wrong thing, or pick the wrong people. Mistakes happen.

Leaders see their mistakes. Then they look for ways to correct those mistakes.

What mistakes have you made? How can you correct them? What can you do to avoid future mistakes?

10. Bad leaders may not realize they’re bad:

Shoku made Abobo into a monster. Abobo became a hulking mess of a man. His body was huge and his face was disfigured.

Abobo hadn’t seen himself since the transformation. He eventually finds himself looking into a mirror. The man he sees is not the man he knows himself to be.

He vows to be better. He begins to share with Marian information to take down Shoku. Abobo shares the secret that Shoku hates the light.

Bad leaders don’t start out bad. They find themselves sliding down a slippery slope. Eventually, they don’t even realize what they’ve become.

Be cautious as you lead.

Your choices will determine the kind of leader you become. Subtle actions can quickly make you into a leader you don’t recognize.

11. Jimmy Lee:

Why build a house somewhere else when we can stay here and help build an entire city?

I love this Double Dragon quote from Jimmy Lee. Marian had thought Jimmy and Billy would be off to their own house since Shoku was arrested.

Jimmy surprised her. He saw the possibility of building more than just a house. There was potential to rebuild a city.

Leaders often have the opportunity to move into bigger and better roles. Most of the time this requires them moving organizations.

I want you to reconsider this.

You have a major opportunity in front of you to build a city where you’re at. Look for ways to continue to grow your organization. There’s so much potential right there.

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