Why You Need To Be On Social Media

By now, everyone has heard of Facebook and Twitter. Possibly Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

They’re all forms of social media. And, as a leader, YOU need to be on at least one of them.

Pat Flynn, over at Smart Passive Income, has a saying:

Be everywhere

The mantra of Be Everywhere has been the key to Pat Flynn’s success as he built a passive income empire. Along the way, he also created a rabid following who hangs on every word he says.

His strategy works. But it’s overwhelming to the beginner.

When you begin to think of updating Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Pinterest, LinkedIn, and who knows what new social media network comes out next, you can easily feel overwhelmed. I mean, you’ve got to BE EVERYWHERE! Right?


While the Be Everywhere strategy works, I say hold off on implementing said strategy. Instead, just get started on social media.

Find one or two social networks that will work for you. Leaders, I’d recommend Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to be your main considerations.

This is great Joseph, you’re probably saying. Yet you haven’t told us WHY I need to be on social media.

I’m glad you’re thinking that right now. Because I’m going to tell you exactly why.

You are able to extend your reach: There’s only so much you can do in person to grow your leadership platform. You can teach in a local setting. You can speak at a national conference. You can reach people within your sphere.

However, when you step into social media, you’re opening a whole new world to you and the message you’re spreading. Tom Webster and Edison Research did extensive research into the social media behavior of people. The results are shocking.

Do you know how many Americans have a social media profile? 56% of them! And it’s constantly growing.

Could you imagine having access to 56% of the American population? That’s a huge number of people you could influence.

Remember, each social network has a specific demographic and ways users interact with the site.

Facebook and Twitter are much more social and informal. Whereas many people use LinkedIn to form business connections and find new business opportunities.

You are able to make new connections: You just learned how many Americans are on social media. And most of them are easily accessible through a friend request on Facebook or a follow on Twitter.

Once you’re connected to someone on social media, it’s easy to reach out and create a relationship.

I’ve done this and had this done to me. Who are some of the people I’ve been able to connect with?

Michael Hyatt, Dan Miller, Jared Easley, Jon Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Kimanzi Constable, Dan Black, Brandon Gerard, and a host of others.

All it took was interacting with these great people on social media and I was able to create a relationship with them.

Who would you like to connect with? Join a social media network and see if they’re on it. If so, reach out and connect. You’ll be amazed at the response.

You can have fun: There are so many people on social media sharing so many great things, it’s easy to hop in and find something and someone you’d like to follow.

Many social media networks have groups you can join where people with the same interest come together. They share their love of a hobby, business, or other activity. All you have to do is jump in!

Social media is great. This platform is making the world smaller, one connection at a time.

Don’t pass over the benefits of social media just because of what you’ve heard. Social media offers many benefits.

Take advantage of an extended influence reach, the connections and friendships that can be made, and the fun you can have discussing your hobbies and business interests.

A word of warning: Social media can be used in the wrong way. In fact, I’ve used social media wrong before. Don’t make the same social media mistakes I’ve made. (-:

Question: Why do you think someone should join a social media network? Let’s discuss our reasons in the comment section below.

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