Reaching Out To Others: You Have Nothing To Lose & Everything To Gain

The act of reaching out to others may be daunting for some people, but not for leaders! Leaders know that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so.

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The simple act of reaching out sometimes takes guts, especially if the person you are reaching out to is deemed more successful than you, more powerful, wealthier, is an influencer who has a large following, or is someone who is just plain intimidating to you. However, what is the worst that can happen if you reach out to these types of people? The worst they can say is “NO”.

But what if they say “YES”? What are the possible consequences then?

Let’s take a moment to contemplate this.

Take me, for example. I am a writer and a blogger. In my quest to learn about the ever-changing publishing industry, I approached several authors to learn about the two methods of publishing—self-publishing and traditional publishing— to glean some information that is not offered in any of the blog posts that I have searched for and encountered on the internet. I offered to interview these authors and showcase them and their novels on my blog in exchange for information about their personal experiences. Each person I approached said “YES”. Needless to say, I was thrilled!

Since I mustered up the courage and took the initiative to approach them, I have conducted several interviews and have had all of my questions answered. Obviously, reaching out to these people afforded me the opportunity to do the following:

  • Learn, gaining the information I was seeking
  • Make new connections
  • Demonstrate to others that anyone can reach out (even a newbie blogger like me!)

Clearly, I lost nothing, and only risked the small amount of time that it took to send them emails. I gained a plethora of information and enjoyed the process of doing so.

I am also someone who offers writing and editing services to others. To gain further credibility in the area of editing, I offered to “proofread” one of the authors’ newest novels, and became part of her “reading team”. She, in exchange, wrote a testimonial for me speaking to the traits I possess. This created a win/win situation for both of us, since she got much needed feedback about her book, and I received word-of-mouth praise for a job well done. As we all know, this is the highest compliment (and the best marketing) a person can hope for!

If I had not reached out, I would not have had these wonderful experiences. Having the courage to reach out to others, tucking any fears aside, is a trait that most leaders possess, which enables them to accomplish their goals.

Lacking the conviction to do so will get you nowhere. You will have not gained anything by being silent. Speaking up, extending invitations, reaching out to others and offering exchanges are actions taken by leaders on a daily basis. These actions produce results. It has been proven time and time again that ceasing to act will not get you anywhere, but taking matters into your own hands will.

I am living proof!

Question: What are some other possible consequences of having the courage to reach out to someone? Please add your thoughts and your experiences to the discussion below!

This is a guest post by Lorraine Reguly is a blogger at Lorraine Reguly’s Life, and is working on writing a book of memoirs and a mystery novel. She also offers writing and editing services for a modest fee. You can visit her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. You can also interact with her on Google+ or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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