Live-Blogging From Catalyst Atlanta 2019

This year’s Catalyst Conference marks the 20th anniversary for one of the best Christian leadership conferences. In previous years, I’ve live-blogged Catalyst Atlanta as a part of the conference.

This year will be different. I am not live-blogging the event as an official part of Catalyst. I will be live-blogging the event in an unofficial capacity. This doesn’t change the great content that I will be sharing or the amazing speaker line-up you will be able to read about.

I’m in awe of the Catalyst 2019 speaker line-up. They’ve brought in some heavy hitters. You won’t be disappointed with the content these speakers share.

Catalyst Atlanta 2019 Speaker Line-Up

You will know many of the speakers that are going to be sharing at Catalyst Atlanta 2019. The list of speakers is:

Andy Stanley Andy is the founder and senior pastor of North Point Ministries. He’s spoken at Catalyst many times before. He’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to delivering great content.

Bianca Juarez Olthoff – Bianca is an author and speaker. She’s also passionate about Jesus Christ and helping people learn about Him. Check out her book How To Have Your Life Not Suck.

Lysa TerKeurst Lysa is a powerful speaker and author. She’s written multiple books including Uninvited, It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way, and 21 other books. She’s prolific! She’s also someone you don’t want to miss.

Chad Veach Chad is the pastor at Zoe Church. He has a big love for Jesus and loves to share leadership in practical ways. He’s also the author of two books.

David Brooks – David is a lot of things. He is an Op-Ed columnist with the New York Times. He’s also the Executive Director of the Aspen Institute. David also appears as a commentator on multiple shows including Meet The Press and All Things Considered.

Tim Elmore – Tim is the founder of Growing Leaders. Growing Leaders is an amazing organization helping to students around the world step into their God-given leadership responsibilities.

Earl McClellan – Earl is the lead pastor for Shoreline City Church. He wants to develop leaders who want to see it lived out in a Biblical fashion.

David Kinnaman – David is a guy you probably already know. He’s the president of Barna Group and author of unChristian. His work has helped emerging leaders lead in the way of Christ.

Rebekah Lyons – Rebekah is a bestselling author and speaker. She’s well known for her book You Are Free and Freefall To Fly. She loves to share stories about her struggles with anxiety and how she’s been able to overcome the battle.

Chris Durso – Chris is the pastor of Christ Tabernacle. For over 10 years he’s helped lead an organization called Misfit NYC. This ministry is for local youth and has a global impact.

Rich Wilkerson Jr. – Rich is the pastor of Vous Church. He’s a great communicator that reaches people for the Lord. He’s also the author of two books.

Horst Schulze – Horst is one of the founders of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company. He’s served in multiple roles along the way, leading the hotel industry to greater standards. He’s also the author of Excellence Wins.

Ravi Zacharias – Last, but certainly not least, is Ravi Zacharias. Ravi is probably the speaker I’m most excited to hear and share about. Ravi is an expert in theology, apologetics, comparative religions, and more. He’s written books that will change the way you think about your faith. This is going to be a session you don’t want to miss.

I hope you’re ready to have a firehose of knowledge unleashed on you over the coming days. This year’s lineup for Catalyst is one of the strongest in years. There’s also the fact that it is Catalyst’s 20th anniversary. There’s going to be some great surprises along the way.

Question: Who are you most looking forward to reading about during the live-blog? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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