Fully Alive Leadership – Andy Stanley Quotes At Catalyst Atlanta 2018

Catalyst Live Blog 2018

Today, I’m live blogging from the 19th annual Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. For Andy Stanley’s session, I will be sharing impactful leadership quotes he’s sharing.

1. You will only remain fully alive as a  leader if you ignore the imposter shepherds.

2. The imposter always wants something from those they lead.

3. Certainty is not my shepherd.

4. Sometimes you have to lead without all the information.

5. I don’t have to have everything figured out before I lead out.

6. There are times you’re going to have to step out when you don’t have all of the information.

7. The quest for certainty is draining.

8. If you wait until you’re sure, you may never do anything.

9. I have not been called to be certain. I have been called to love.

10. Insecurity will eventually lead you to dishonesty.

11. God only uses insecure leaders.

12. You cannot allow insecurity to lead you out.

13. I will not lie to myself even when the truth makes me feel bad about myself.

14. There’s something worse than feeling bad about yourself. That’s lying to yourself.

15. Your insecurity, if it becomes your shepherd, will suck the life out of your leadership.

16. Lying to yourself puts insecurity in the driver’s seat.

17. Why am I doing this really?

18. What’s really going on inside of me?

19. Insecurity does not disqualify you.

20. We blind ourselves to our own sense of envy.

21. Envy will lead you to do what everybody else is already doing. The problem is… You will be late.

22. Envy is fueled by comparison.

23. Comparison leads you to the of ER. Bigger Better. Knowner.

24. There is no win in comparison.

25. Envy will leave you in a lane you were never meant to run in.

26. You have to lead with an open mind.

27. You have to embrace the uncertainty that comes with leadership.

28. It is uncertainty that gives leaders job security.

29. We should be the most curious people in the world.

30. The next-generation church will be birthed by the next generation.

31. I want to cheer it on (the next-generation church).

32. The moment I close my mind, I have decided when it comes along I will be a critic and not a student.

33. Closed-minded leaders close minds.

34. The good shepherd will lead you to lead open-handed.

35. We are stewards. We are not owners.

36. There is nothing to be gained from closed-handed leadership.

37. I think there’s room for another church.

38. You start open-handed because you ain’t got nothing.

39. You will squeeze the life out of you if you lead close-handed.

40. Get rid of all






41. If you’re carrying anger, it can be justified. It doesn’t make a good shepherd, though.

42. You protect that staff, it’ll steal, kill, and destroy.

43. Nothing has killed more ministries than what was going on in the heart of the leader.

44. The most important thing in the world, is your personal relationship with Jesus Christ (From Andy Stanley’s dad, Charles Stanley).

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