Quotes From Craig Groeschel – Catalyst Atlanta 2018

Catalyst Live Blog 2018

Craig Groeschel is presenting at the 19th annual Catalyst Leadership conference. He’s the pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in the United States and is introducing new technology into the church world.

1. I want to speak to the hearts of amazing leaders.

2. I am God’s masterpiece.

3. Can you imagine that before you were born, God had divine assignments for you?

4. There is no better time in history than right here, right now with the talents He has put into you.

5. The fastest way to kill something special is to compare it to something else.

6. You can love your ministry, you can love your church… Then you see Pastor Steven Furtick’s church.

7. Comparing makes you feel either superior or inferior. Neither one honors God.

8. I came today to talk to those who are real.

9. You cannot faithfully follow Jesus if you’re always comparing yourself to John (or whoever else).

10. You cannot do what you’re uniquely called to do if you’re idolizing someone else’s gift.

11. To be fully alive, to be fully effective, to fully glorify God and run the race we have to ask the question “Who or what is going to define my worth?”

12. Who are you living for?

13. It is your race God marked out for you.

14. When you fix your eyes on Jesus, it takes your eyes off of any other distraction.

15. You always keep your eye on the end.

16. You can’t please everybody. If you think you can, you need counseling.

17. Christians are the most difficult group to please.

18. You can please God. You can glorify God.

19. We are not competing against another person. We are competing against the forces of darkness.

20. God’s not going to judge me by their race.

21. My biggest problem is at the most sinful part of me, what I want, I want you to think I am important.

22. The problem is, God never called me to be important.

23. Jesus will never say “Well done, my good and important servant.”

24. If I try to do important things, I will step out of my lane.

25. If I am faithful, I am doing things that are important to God.

26. It starts with faithfulness.

27. I believe in the work of the spirit of God in the local church.

28. Criticize me all you want, you won’t talk me out of it.

29. You cannot succeed your way to a sense of self-security.

30. I will run this race to win. I will run it with purpose in every step.

31. Let Jesus determine your win.

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