Quotes From John Mark Comer – Catalyst Atlanta 2018

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John Mark Comer is a pastor from Portland, Oregon. A fun fact, he is the former pastor of my friend Paul Sohn.

1. If your strategy in life is to live out Jesus vision of the sermon on the Mount, but you don’t change your routine to match that of Jesus, you don’t stand a chance.

2. If you want to experience the life of Jesus, you have to adopt the lifestyle of Jesus.

3. Jesus offer is to teach you and me to shoulder the weight of the human condition which is easy.

4. Most of Jesus teaching is about how to live, not dying.

5. The story of Jesus comes to us through the genre of biographies.

6. We forget, over and over, that Jesus’ invite was come and follow me.

7. Your own soul, in the process of becoming like Jesus, is your message.

8. Our churches will live up or down to the maximum of our maturity.

9. Maturity is measured by your whole person, not only your spiritual life.

10. Sacrifice your ambition, your drive, your work-a-holism, influence, status, pat on the back. Let all of that die or your soul will die instead and the souls of those around you.

11. Jesus was rarely in a hurry.

12. For most of us, we need to slow down.

13. People are just too busy.

14. Hurry is incompatible with the life Jesus has on offer.

15. People in a hurry have no time for love.

16. What is needed is not more anger or anxiety. What is needed is a non-anxious presence.

17. I’m not calling you to do more. I am calling you to do less.

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