Quotes From Dr. Henry Cloud – Catalyst Atlanta 2018

Catalyst Atlanta Live Blog 2018

Dr. Henry Cloud is a clinical psychologist and leadership expert. He is also the author of over 45 books, including Boundaries For Leaders.

1. If you have a belly button, you have issues.

2. We’re not coming to the party in Genesis 1. We’re coming to the party after Genesis 3.

3. We are created in the image of God but we’ve been through a hurricane.

4. We don’t always plan for bad stuff but bad stuff comes.

5. A lot of times we don’t focus on the right stuff.

6. God is love.

7. We know the commandment to love. We mix it up with the original sin.

8. We think we can love as God loves.

9. God loves through His attachments.

10. God is not pouring out love from an empty tank.

11. We forget we are not the source of our love.

12. Your car is running out of gas. You don’t tell your car to get self-gas.

13. We have people in the ministry amputated from the body.

14. You are not self-sustaining.

15. Where do you go for human connection?

16. We have a trust muscle and a no muscle. How is your no muscle working?

17. Everything you’re saying yes to, some percentage of it matters.

18. There were significant relationships we should have been spending time with but we couldn’t because we were spending time with these weirdos.

19. We were created in an ideal world. You were never designed to deal with the knowledge of failure.

20. The knowledge of failure blows the circuits in our heads.

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