Quotes From Jon Acuff – Catalyst Atlanta 2018

Catalyst 2018 Live Blogging

Jon Acuff is a New York Times best-selling author. Today, he’s going to share about being Fully Alive at Catalyst Atlanta 2018 with some laughs and a great talk.

1. Cats will leave you for 3 days and show up like they’ve never been gone.

2. Why is it easy to start something but hard to finish it?

3. When it comes to the things you care about, you have to choose what to bomb.

4. You have a choice: Shame or strategy.

5. The internet gives us the impression every other leader is doing things perfectly.

6. What you see on the internet isn’t always true.

7. You can stop obsessing about email.

8. Inbox Zero is a stupid goal.

9. If you can’t stop, simplify.

10. Surrender 3 things you can surrender in December.

11. What are the things you’re going to stop worrying about?

12. What are the things you’re going to worry about?

13. Care about what the people you care about, care about.

14. Change your business with empathy.

15. Millennials talk about money more than any other generation.

16. The pastor’s fear is the day they talk about money is the day all their visitors will come.

17. Why does joining a community matter? It matters because it impacts whether you can be fully alive.

18. Burnout is often a byproduct of isolation.

19. When you’re not in a community, you don’t get told the truth.

20. The higher we climb up the leadership ladder, the more we think we can’t say “I was wrong.”

21. Leaders who can’t be questioned end up doing questionable things.

22. The breakroom will tell the truth the boardroom is unwilling to admit.

23. You need to go ask your people: Do you feel like you can tell me the truth?

24. You don’t get to be fully alive if you’re fully alone.

25. Friends will tell you the truth if you let them in.

26. If you’re too busy for people, they won’t bother you eventually – BOOM!!!! (This may be one of the most impactful quotes of Catalyst Atlanta 2018 so far)

27. If you ask someone what they need, they become visible and valuable.

28. You can’t choose to bomb community. You can’t choose to bomb empathy.

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