Quotes From Author Chip Heath – Catalyst Live Blog 2018

Catalyst Atlanta Live Blog 2018

Chip Heath is a best-selling author. He’s joining Catalyst today to talk about being fully alive. With how impactful his books have been, this will be a great session.

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1. Perfection is a little hard.

2. Most experience fades.

3. Strong emotional events persist in memories.

4. Disney World is structurally designed to be a miserable place.

5. Your couch never creates peak moments.

6. Perfection is not required. We don’t have to do everything perfectly.

7. Great experiences hinge on peak moments.

8. There are 4 elements of peak moments.

9. Moments of insight aren’t always happy moments.

10. Can I start over so this could be my first day?

11. A new employee’s first day is a day that requires special attention.

12. When was the time you felt like you really belonged here?

13. We could do a better job on the first day than we do right now.

14. You could build peak moments but we miss many opportunities for this.

15. Why don’t we celebrate our kids like they do these athletes?

16. Peak moments matter.

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