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That day was a special day, I was sixteen years old and getting my very first pager (yes, you read that right). I had saved up for a month, which was a miracle back then and ready to enter the “digital age.”

Are you ready to take the world by storm?

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Driving home with my new pager on my hip was exciting, people now had the ability to reach me anywhere. It didn’t take long for the excitement to wear off though because shortly after I got that pager, cell phones started to become popular.

Great, now I had to save for a cell phone! Once I got that cell phone, newer and better cell phones were released. You know how it goes with technology, something newer and better is released just as you get the older version.

Eventually people shifted from focusing on the hardware (although we still love our gadgets) to the software and the Internet. The Internet has changed everything, we went from living in our world to being connected to the whole world.

It’s estimated that 2.3 billion people are online everyday and in the next five years, that number will triple. If you’ve ever wanted to spread a message and impact the world with your message, the Internet is the place to do it.

You now have a chance to be a worldwide leader. If you want to lead in an area you’re passionate about, here’s how to effectively use the Internet and technology to do it:

Figure out who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about

Notice the tagline of this website: “empowering young leaders.” Joseph can have a general leadership message but he knows that won’t be as effective as narrowing in and helping a specific group of people, get through their specific group of situations.

There are many people to reach online but as you already know, there are also many people trying to reach them. The “secret sauce,” the thing that separates you from everyone else is getting super specific about who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about.

How did Joseph figure out how to focus on “young leaders?” It wasn’t some big magical formula, Joseph figured out who he was most passionate about helping and leading. When you’re thinking about who you’re talking to, figure out who you most want to help, get really specific by creating an avatar of that person.

How old? What gender? What country? It can be scary getting really specific, you may feel like you’re alienating others, you’re not. Getting specific means you can get deep, dig in and that group of people will respond like crazy.

Leverage technology to amplify your message

Have you ever been on a Google Hangout? Last week I had to talk to a friend of mine in South Africa and instead of incurring a large phone bill, I hopped on my laptop, used the WiFi at Starbucks and talked with my friend half-way across the world. How cool is that?

If you’re passionate about leadership, personal development, reading, writing or any other topic and wanted to teach an audience worldwide, you can schedule a Google Hangout, which now even allows Q&A.

You no longer have to travel to a conference or use some of the old ways, you can teach from the comfort of your living room (wear something better than your pajamas) and spread a message that helps people.

This is just one of the many ways you can lead a larger audience and spread a larger message, the door really has been opened, even for us “little guys.” Use it, teach it, lead and serve, there’s nothing holding you back anymore.

There’s an incredible wealth of technologies that you can leverage and if you read this blog regularly, you’ve probably read about some of them. Do a little research, figure out the best one to leverage where you’re audience is at and get to work.

The daily grind

After you have gotten clear about your message, who that message is for and started using the amazing technologies, do it everyday.

You’re not going to reach the entire world overnight, it starts with leading one person and then two and so on. You serve that audience, you help, add value and lead. If you focus and continue on the daily grind, it builds.

Over time as you keep taking those daily steps, you’ll look up one day to realize your dream is your reality.

Question: How are you becoming a worldwide leader? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

I’m off to the great white north, Canada, enjoying some time away and doing a bit of ice climbing until March 1st. During this time, I’ve offered my platform to a few friends to share their message.

This is a guest post by Kimanzi Constable. He is a former bread delivery driver turned best-selling author, international speaker and life coach. His passion is to help family men and woman live life by their own design and create a freedom based online business on the side. You can also connect with him on Twitter.

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