The One Thing You Won’t Find A Formula For

Do you remember your school days? When you were taught the formula for pi, surface area, or how to calculate volume.

We were taught they were absolute. And they are.

Formulas are so ingrained into our psyche that we look for them everywhere. Even success.

Image by Tom Brown

Image by Tom Brown

I’ve got bad news for you today. There’s no success formula. There’s no way to calculate what’s going to bring success to you and to everyone else.

You won’t be able to find a formula for success.

There’s no easy path to success.

Success will look different for everyone. That’s why we cannot lay down a simple plan or rule that will lead to success.

Instead, there are principles that we can follow that will help, but not guarantee, success.

These success principles include:

Hard Work: Success favors those who are hard at work. Find something that you can pour yourself into and do the work. Do it long enough and you may find success.

Passion: Rarely does success come to those who lack passion. Discover what sets your heart on fire.

Endurance: You must be willing to endure to become successful. Some days will be miserable and you’ll want to give in. DON’T! Instead, endure the challenges laid before you. Go the 20 miles.

Dream Big: Go after something so big people will tell you it’s impossible. Remember, they told Edison he couldn’t harness light, the Wright Brothers they couldn’t fly, and that we couldn’t put a man on the moon (though there are some who dispute that we really did). Others have done the impossible, so can you!

Learn To Say No: As much as we’d like to say yes to everything, saying yes to something means we’re saying to something else. Choose wisely what you will say yes to.

Get Started: There’s no way you’ll become successful if you don’t start. You must be willing to take action. Decide on what you want to do and start going for it.

Be Positive: Our mental mindsets have a huge impact on the level of success we can achieve. Get rid of the negativeness and create a positive atmosphere.

Embrace Failure: Kick the old school thoughts that failure is bad to the curb. Learn to embrace the fact that failures will come as you move towards success. Look to the failures as opportunities to learn what not to do.

Once again, this isn’t a road map to success. There is no such thing.

These are tested principles that have shown themselves to be factors in being a success. Apply one or even all of these to your life and you’re on your way to success.

Question: What other principles have you found for success? Please share one or more with us in the comment section below.

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