How To Find Help When You Need It

Early in my career as an Information Technology manager, I felt as if I had to have the answer to any question that came my way. My desire to have all the answers caused a lot of issues, as you can imagine.

Sometimes, I would give incorrect information because I didn’t want to be caught without an answer. Or, I wouldn’t give a reply and let the issue die.

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These are never reasonable solutions. In fact, they often cause more issues in the long run.

What changed?

I realized I didn’t have to have all of the answers. I realized there were people out there who knew more than I did. I could use their expertise to gain the answers I needed.

How do you do this?

How To Find Help When You Need It

Below, you will find multiple ways to find help when you need it. Sometimes, you’ll have to swallow your pride. Other times, you will have to seek out the help. Whatever way you need to take, take it. Help is there for you!

1. Ask long-term employees:

In organizations, there is often knowledge hidden within the organization. Long-term employees have been there and done that. These are the perfect people to approach when you need help.

Ask Bob, the accountant who has been with your organization for 15 years. He’s probably seen it even if the need is outside the accounting department.

Much of the business operations seep between departments. Don’t be shy about asking for help from those employees who have been there forever.

2. Look online:

The help you need could be online. You go there for news, fun, and information. Why not help?

There are sites such as,, and more where you can hire help. Or maybe you need information…

I’ve used message forums for specific software to find my answers. There are so many groups out there, I’d be surprised if there weren’t one out there for your need.

Check Google. Search for terms related to your needs. The answer will present itself and you will get help!

3. Ask people outside of your organization:

You’ve asked your long-term employees for help. They didn’t have the answer. You looked online. There wasn’t an answer.

A thought pops into your mind… I need to actually ask someone.

This has happened to me as I was working on an Epicor ERP issue. I have made multiple connections throughout the industry. When I have a question that I can’t find the answer to, I tend to go to these people now.

I shoot an email to Bruce or a Teams message to Jeff. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s helpful.

People outside of your organization want to see you succeed, especially those you’ve created healthy relationships with. They also hold more knowledge than you do!

Reach out to people outside of your organization. Pick their brains. Get their wisdom.

These three techniques will help you find the help you need. The more you implement these techniques, the more help you will gain. Keep working on it. You’ll find help is plentiful!

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