Do You Have A Challenger Group?

Everyone talks about mastermind groups. These are groups of people who help you define your business ideas, become a better person, or encourage you.

Mastermind groups are great. I’ve seen much of my success come from hanging out with similar, like-minded people.

However, my thought process has begun to change on the types of people I hang out with or want to hang around.

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Masterminds are typically people who are like-minded. This means they think similarly to you.

I’ve found this to be limiting. Like-minded people rarely stretch me. We find ourselves agreeing on too much and not changing our limiting beliefs.

Instead, I have begun seeking out challenger groups.

What Is A Challenger Group?

A challenger group can be made up of like-minded people; however the more diverse and different thinking the group, the better.

A challenger group is a group of people who are there to challenge you, not to baby you or make you feel better. They look at your ideas, they tell you what won’t work, and then they help you see what will work.

This will change your life. Especially when you accept the challenges they present to you.

Why A Challenger Group?

You might be wondering why you would want people to challenge you on a regular basis. You don’t want to feel challenged, stretched, or looked down upon (not that they are looking down on you). You want the positive reinforcement and pats on the back.

It makes us feel good. Challenges do not.

And that is why you need a challenger group.

We need to be challenged. We need people to ask the tough questions people are not asking because they fear the repercussions.

You need a challenger group because:

  • Challenger groups help you to continue to grow
  • Challenger groups make you understand different viewpoints
  • Challenger groups expose you to people you wouldn’t normally associate with
  • Challenger groups expand your horizons
  • Challenger groups hold you accountable in a way you have never been before
  • Challenger groups push you beyond what you think you can do
  • Challenger groups give you proper feedback
  • Challenger groups help you reach a higher level than you’re currently at
  • Challenger groups make you expand your understanding

Challenger groups are an amazing concept when done right. They will push you to be better, do more, and go beyond what you expect of yourself. They also help you see and understand others in this world. After all, leading and living is not all about you. The more you understand the world and the people in it, the more you will be able to relate to them.

Find a challenger group. Grow yourself. Change the world.

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