Catalyst Atlanta 2013 Reggie Joiner Notes

Note: These are my notes from the Catalyst Conference happening today.

Reggie JoinerTalked about looking through a trunk at an antique store. Sorting through old pictures and a 20 year old came up to him and mentioned how sad it was.


Because these were people that were important and alive. Now they’re dead and no longer known.

Through his conference attendance over the years, those who were there at the beginning are no longer on the stage. They’re not as known.

Unusual statement made from grandfather to father: He said – Don’t let them forget me.

He wanted to be remembered.

Three pieces of information Reggie wants us to know:

1. You will die sooner than you think

2. You will be forgotten

3. You will only be remembered by the people who know you now

Used visual of a jar of marbles to represent the time parents have with their children until the time they graduate.

When you begin to see the time you have left, you begin to take seriously the time you have now.

There’s a limited window of time. Teach us to number our days – Scripture verse

Try to put a number to your time so you don’t act stupidly with the time you have.

When you see how time you have left you tend to make what matters matter more.

Leaving a legacy means you’re doing the thing you’re able to do. You can show up. You can lead well. You can give tools. You can take action.

It’s not about making someone do something. Do what you can do.

Focus In

Don’t worry about seeing the immediate results. The results don’t have to be immediately apparent.

You keep doing it because you trust God is going to do His part.

Don’t get confused between what we can do and what God can do. Terrible trap to fall into.

Repeat- I am not God. I am not the Holy Spirit. I cannot change anyone. But I can love a few.

No where is it written that we are to change others. But it is written to love others.

We can’t see spiritual change all the time. This is why we don’t see the change that is happening.

Makes progress hard to measure. There’s small changes happening all the time. So small we can’t see them.

Shared story about his daughter being an artist. Her art was messy and destroyed lots of things. Over time, it evolved into people wanting the art and talent. You just don’t see it through the process.

Be consistent with what you do. Stay at it. Don’t jump to something else because you don’t see results.

Love over time is believable

Love over time gives someone a sense of worth.

Love over time equals worth

Fun over time equals connection

Stories over time gives us perspective

Tribes over time gives people a sense of belonging

When you see how much time you have left, you tend to spend more time with a few.

Are you confused by the meaning of the word legacy. Legacy has less to do with inheritance,

Legacy is not fame. Fame is getting applause. Legacy is to give applause to someone else

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time. Until a person is known, they can’t understand what it is to be loved.

You feel loved by those you  are known to.

We have just a few, select moments to invest in the people that are important to you.

Being ordinary, dependable, lifting a child up, recognizes you only have a certain amount of time

What you do every week matters, even if they act like it doesn’t. It matters more than you can imagine.

Legacy is helping them pack their bags.

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